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Text Descriptions of Images in Guides

This guide contains a long text description of images used in guides for web accessibility.

What's In a Database?

What’s in a Database?

A Database* is a computerized and structured set of data that can be manipulated and searched.

*Databases can be general or specific to a subject. For example, APA PsychNet focuses on Psychology but JSTOR includes academic journal articles from 75+ disciplines. Databases can contain one or multiple formats. Academic Search Premier has scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, books, and more, but Ebook Central only contains e-books.

Examples [of databases]


Academic Search Premier

APA PsychNet

Ebook Central


In a database you will find resources such as...

Scholarly Journals

Examples Nature, JAMA, Cell, Shakespeare Quarterly, American Economic Review

Books & E-books

Examples: To Kill a Mockingbird, Just Mercy, The Distance Between Us

Popular Magazines & Newspaper

Examples: New York Times, People, Time, National Geographic, Rolling Stone


Examples News clips, Photos, Music, Film


Where is the rest of the article?

Databases contain information records about items. Some have citations only, some have the full text of articles, and some articles can be scholarly or not. When in doubt, ask a librarian!


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