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The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Infographic

School-to-Prison Pipeline

[Image of the silhouette of a police officer holding a metal-detector scanner while looking down at the silhouette of a child carrying an oversized backpack walking into a prison-like school hallway]

Today's Students Experience...

  • Prison-Like Environments
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Police Dogs
    • Armed Guards
    • School and Local Police on Campus
    • Metal Detectors
    • Strip Searches
    • Physically Uninviting Buildings
  • Under Investment
    • Cutbacks on counselors, social workers, and mental health resources
    • Underfunded and under-resourced schools
  • Harsh School Discipline
    • Out-of-School Suspensions
    • Expulsions
    • Transfers to Alternative Schools
    • Zero Tolerance Policies
  • Pressures & Uncertainty
    • School Closures
    • Privatization
    • High-Stakes Testing Pressures on Students, Teachers, and Administrators
    • Implicit and Explicit Bias

Youth of color, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities are punished more often and more harshly than their peers for the same misbehavior.

Out-of-School Suspensions

Over 3,000,000* students receive an out-of school suspension annually (*a number that has been rising for decades.)

[Chart] Suspensions, Race & Disability

Likelihood of Being Suspended at Least Once:

  • White - 1/20
  • Latino - 1/14
  • Native Amer. - 1/13
  • Black - 1/6
  • Black with Disability - 1/4
Students Have Actually Been Suspended For...
  • Talking about a Hello Kitty bubble gun
  • Hugging a friend
  • Chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun

School Arrests

  • Over 70% of students involved in school-related arrest[s] or referr[als] to law enforcement are Hispanic or African-American.
  • Over 67% of school arrests in Florida are for minor misdemeanor charges.
Students Have Actually Been Arrested For...
  • Kindergarten throwing a temper tantrum
  • Scribbling on a desk
  • Sneaking into a school for a senior prank
  • Playing the Fresh Prince theme song on a cellphone
  • Science experiment gone wrong

Harsh Discipline Policies =

  • No Trust in Adults
  • No College or Career
  • No Safer Schools

Just ONE out-of-school suspension in the 9th grade DOUBLES a student's risk of dropping out before graduation.

[Images of posters with protest slogans: "Books not Bars," "End #School2Prison," "You can't build peace with a piece," "Education not Incarceration," "Pushout? Push Back"]

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