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Text Descriptions of Images in Guides

This guide contains a long text description of images used in guides for web accessibility.

Finding the full text of an article using Google Scholar

Below are a list of 3 citations in the search results for Google Scholar for a search on "Oregon trail generation" wiht the "UO FindText" link indicated by bold text here and a circle image overlay in the screenshot:

[CITATION] The Oregon trail generation: Life before and after mainstream tech
A Garvey - Social Media Week, 2015
[hyperlink] Cited by 11 [hyperlink] Related articles
[hyperlink] UO FindText

The Oregon Trail
FG Young - The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, 1900 - JSTOR
[Google preview of article text] … The closing passage of the speech, as it has be handed down, is as follows: "We are going back the long, sad trail to our peo When we tell them, after one more snow, in th council that we did … Hall J. Kelley had been agitating the caus the Oregon Indians for half-a-generation …
[hyperlink] Cited by 20 [hyperlink] Related articles

[hyperlink] UO FindText

Areal distribution and geophysical significance of heat generation in the Idaho batholith and adjacent intrusions in eastern Oregon and western Montana
CA Swanberg, DD Blackwell - Geological Society of …, 1973 -
[Google preview of text of article] … HEAT GENERATION IN EASTERN OREGON AND WESTERN MONTANA … It should be noted in passing that the uniformity of heat generation and (A — Afy/K values is always greatest … Kmqm Klqd Schaefer Warm unit unit Lost Trail Silver rocks Bear Boise Wisdom, Sula, intrusion … 
[hyperlink] Cited by 42 [hyperlink] Related articles [hyperlink] All 2 versions [hyperlink] Web of Science: 25

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