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Text Descriptions of Images in Guides

This guide contains a long text description of images used in guides for web accessibility.

How to Print at UO Libraries

How to Print at UO Libraries


How do I print from a UO Libraries computer? 
  • Log in to any lab computer with your Duck ID (UO username without “”) and password, open your document, and follow the prompts.
How do I print from my own device?
  • Install a printer driver for your device: Search “Computer Lab Printing” on and follow the advice for Mac or Windows. Or scan the QR code below.

"What Do I Need in Order to Print?

¿Qué necesito para imprimir?


Are you UO Affiliate (Student/Staff/Faculty)?
¿Eres afiliado UO (estudiante / personal / facultad)?

If Yes: You Will Need:

  • Your UO ID

  • Duck Bucks (this is included on your UO ID)

If No: You Will Need:

  • Campus Cash Card (these can be purchased at the Campus Cash Machine, located by the ATM on the first floor of the Knight Library)


How Do I Put Duck Bucks on My UO ID?
  • Cash: can  be put on through Campus Cash Machine (located by the ATM on the first floor of the Knight Library)
  • Debit/Credit Card: can be put on through on DuckWeb


How Do I Put Money on My Campus Cash Card?
  1. Card must be purchased before putting money on card; the card costs $1
  2. Place the card back into the machine and put money (cash only) into account


How Much Does Printing Cost? ¿Cuánto cuesta imprimir?
  • Black and White: $0.08 cents per page

  • Color: $0.25 cents per page

 Learn More About Printing and Scanning

 Learn More About Depositing to Duck Bucks

Learn More About Installing Printers on Your Device

Inspired by the work of Research and Instruction Department Student Employees.

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