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Open Educational Resources & Textbook Affordability

This guide is an introduction to the use and creation of Open Educational Resources faculty & staff at the University of Oregon

What Are Your Goals?

You will want to consider your learning objectives before starting an OER project: What would you like the OER to do for you and your students? Consider also the educational value of the creation process itself and how these steps engage with your desired learning outcomes. As noted by David Wiley, OER creation typically entails the following:

1. Find: Searching for OER may involve use of search engines, repositories, and individual websites, as well as offline materials.

2. Compose: Piece together resources that you've found with others that you may have created yourself.

3. Adapt: If you are using other resources, you will likely need to adapt them for your students and your local context. Be sure that borrowed materials have licenses allowing modifications.

4. Use: Use the resource in a class.

5. Share: Publish your OER so others can find and reuse it.

Step-by-Step OER Creation

Before starting from scratch, take a look at the resources listed in this guide. You may want to build from an existing open textbook or find open images, media, and other materials to add to something you've already created.

For more details on OER creation, take a look at the following pages:


Faculty Perspectives: Creating an OER

"In this episode [of the Tea for Teaching Podcast], we discuss the process of creating an open textbook with Kristen Munger, who, along with several collaborators, created Steps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice, as part of the SUNY Open Textbook project. We also discuss how and why faculty may wish to consider adopting or creating open educational resources."

Modified from Anderson, T. & O'English, L. (2018). Open educational resources: Tools for affordable learning. Washington State University Libraries. Licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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