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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access older issues of journals?
BrowZine defaults to showing the current issue of a given journal. On the left-hand side of the screen are links to previous years' issues. In the mobile app you can select the "Available Issues" button. If you want an older issue that is not on that list, you must click the "All" link in the web browser version to link out to the LibrarySearch catalog entry for that journal. Older issues are not supported in the mobile app.

Does BrowZine work off campus?
Yes! If you are off campus and visit, you will be prompted to choose the library with which you are associated. Click the "U" in the alphabet navigation, and find University of Oregon. Clicking on the UO link will bring you to the log in screen where you can use your Duck ID username and password to access BrowZine.

What publishers are available through BrowZine?
See this list of publishers supported in BrowZine.

Why don't some journals show up while browsing, but do show up while searching?
Journals by supported publishers (see list in previous question) show up in the subject browse tree in BrowZine and have tables of contents listed. Other journals that we have access to, but are not by supported publishers, will show up when you search BrowZine only. A link out to the publisher site will be provided, but there won't be tables of contents available.

Do print journals show up in BrowZine?
Unfortunately, no. Only journals that we have online access to will show up in BrowZine. To find print journals, please use LibrarySearch.

Do you have more questions?
Check the BrowZine Knowledge Base

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