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Moving Image Collections in Special Collections & University Archives

This is a guide to archival moving image collections in Special Collections & University Archives.

Preferred Citation Format

Identification of item, Date (if known), Collection Title, Collection Number, Box and Folder number [or photo ID number], Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

Collection Descriptions

Special Collections & University Archives in the University of Oregon Libraries holds a variety of archival moving image collections in all formats. Our collections focus primarily on Oregon-related films and filmmakers. All of our materials are available for research and use in projects or productions, with approval from the relevant copyright owners.

Many of our manuscript and University Archives collections contain films and videotapes, which would be indicated in the finding aid. For example, the Hoedads Cooperative Inc. collection includes video recordings, and Luther Cressman's papers includes 16mm films of his archaeological excavations in the caves of Eastern Oregon.

The following are collections with significant film and/or videotape. 

University Archives film collection (UA 026)
The University Archives film collection consists of films produced by University of Oregon faculty, staff, and students, and films about the university. The collection includes over 80 items, primarily 16mm films, covering 1919-1981. An inventory of this collection is available. Some items have been digitized.

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Films (UA 015)
This collection consists of films and videotapes produced primarily by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and its coaching staff. The collection includes over 3,500 items on film (primarily 16mm but also 8mm and 35mm), various videotape formats, and a handful of DVDs. Sports represented include football, men's and women's basketball, track and field, baseball, women's soccer, and women's volleyball. A number of recruitment films are also available. The dates cover 1930-2003. A preliminary inventory of this collection is available. Some items have been digitized.

Bill Bowerman papers (UA 003)
Bill Bowerman was a legendary track and field coach at the University of Oregon from 1948-1972, and coach of the United States Olympic team in 1972. Bowerman documented his athletes during training and competition. The collection includes over 400 items on 8mm and 16mm film covering 1935-1978. An inventory of this collection is available. Many of the films have been digitized.

Chambers Communications Corp. records (Coll 427)
Chambers Communications Corp. operated TV station KEZI in Eugene, Oregon, as a local ABC affiliate from 1959-2014. This collection consists of news footage covering 1966-1997, with some miscellaneous content spanning 1938-2011. Inventories and broadcast logs with clip descriptions is available online. A preliminary inventory of this collection is available, but most of the collection has very little description. Content from 1966-1981 has been digitized; content from 1981-1997 is available on DVD.

KVAL-TV records (Coll 284)
KVAL was the first television station in Eugene, Oregon, opening as a local CBS affiliate in 1954. This collection consists of news footage from the 1950s to the mid-1990s, mostly 16mm film and some videotape. Coverage is not comprehensive for each year. The collection has very little description. A preliminary inventory is available.

KMTR-TV records
KMTR was established in 1982 as an NBC affiliate station serving Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. The collection consists of news footage on videotape from 1993-2001. Coverage is not comprehensive for each year. The collection has little description. A preliminary inventory is available. 

Peg Lynch papers (Coll 066)
Peg Lynch (1917-2015) was a television writer, producer, and actor known for her comedy Ethel and Albert, which ran on all three major networks during the 1950s. This collection includes 16mm  kinescopes of all of the show's episodes, nearly 100 items. An inventory is available, and a few episodes have been digitized.

James Blue papers (Coll 458)
James Blue (1930-1980) was a filmmaker and educator. He is best known for his stunning documentary films from the 1960s and 1970s, including The March (1964) and A Few Notes on Our Food Problem (1968). In addition to Blue's papers and recorded sound interviews, this collection includes nearly all of his films, original elements, outtakes, and copies on various media. This collection is still being processed. A preliminary inventory is available. Many of his films can be viewed on the UO Libraries' YouTube channel.

Cascadia Alive!  (Coll 331)
Cascadia Alive! (1997-2004) was a community television program on radical politics, patriarchy, police brutality and resistance to environmental destruction and deforestation produced in Eugene, Oregon, by Tim Lewis, Tim Ream, and the Cascade Media Collective. The collection consists of approximately 50 DVDs of the programs. A preliminary inventory is available, although there is very little description of the episodes. Some of the episodes are available on Tim Lewis' YouTube channel.

Oregon Films collection (Coll 466)
This collection consists of over 50 16mm films about Oregon or that were produced by Oregon filmmakers. It includes feature films, documentaries, educational films, and amateur/home movies. An inventory of this collection is available. Some items have been digitized.

E.C. Brown Trust Foundation
The E.C. Brown Trust was established in 1939 in association with the University of Oregon to promote family life education and to combat sexually transmitted diseases. From 1947-1993 the organization produced award-winning sex education films that were widely adopted in U.S. public schools. This collection includes 16mm prints of many of their films, such as the groundbreaking Human Growth (1947), Human Heredity (1956)Human and Animal Beginnings (1966), and A Family Talks about Sex (1977). The papers in this collection are unprocessed, but an inventory of the films is available. Some items have been digitized.

Wayne L. Morse papers (Coll 001)
Wayne L. Morse (1900-1974) was Oregon's U.S. Senator from 1945-1969. He was a member of the Labor and Welfare Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Foreign Relations Committee, and served as a delegate to the United Nations. He was an early outspoken critic of the Vietnam War. There are over 700 films in this collection, including campaign commercials, speeches, advocacy films, documentaries, and home movies. The vast majority are on 16mm film. An inventory of the films is available. Some items have been digitized.

16mm Educational Film collection
This collection of nearly 800 films is the former circulating media collection that served as classroom instructional aids at the University of Oregon. It consists of educational/instructional, documentary, feature, animated shorts, experimental, corporate-sponsored, and government-sponsored films. All of the films are listed in the library catalog, although a separate inventory is available.


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