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Illustration from Big Susan

Written and illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones

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Teaching with Primary Source Materials

Our collections exist to be used. When students work directly with primary source materials, historic photographs, and documents that are old or unique, they discover an excitement and passion not generated by textbooks.

Primary source documents can inspire, but they also teach about learning to verify sources, tracking down connections, finding evidence from content and from physical clues.

Authors and Illustrators of books for children and young adults materials in SCUA Collections

Special Collections and University Archives collects in the topical area Children’s Literature, including authors and illustrators of children’s books, especially authors and illustrators associated with Greenwillow Books and Northwest authors and illustrators.

Adler, Irving: see Lenniger Literary Agency.

Adler, Ruth: see Lenniger Literary Agency.

Adshead, Gladys L., 1896-Finding aid
Papers, 1939-1961. (Ax 446)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Adshead was born in Manchester, England, and educated at the Froebel Educational Institute, London. She worked as a teacher and headmistress in private schools in England, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois, 1915-1959. She is best known for her Brownie series, which includes Brownies-Hush! (Oxford University Press, 1938), Smallest Brownie's Fearful Adventure (Walck, 1961), and Where Is Smallest Brownie? (Walck, 1971).
The collection includes correspondence with publishers, manuscripts, and related material for eight children's books written by Adshead.

Alexander, Charles, 1897-1962. Finding aid
Papers, 1916-1962. (Ax 006)
15 boxes, 1 solander case; 11.5 linear ft.
Author; wrote short stories and novels for Detective Fiction Weekly, Black Cat, Colliers, Argosy, and similar publications. Some of his work was written for children. Correspondence includes letters from editors and other writers such as Robert Ormond Case, Edison Marshall, Ernest Haycox, and Walter Evans Kidd.

Allen, Don B., 1889-1976, and Thelma Diener Allen, 1908- Finding aid
Papers, 1946-1974. (Ax 500)
7 boxes, 1 folio; 11 linear ft.
Authors of books about Indians and the West. Their books appear under the pseudonym "T.D. Allen." Includes manuscripts, correspondence, and research material.

Ames, Lee Judah (Jonathan David), 1921- Finding aid
Illustrations and artwork, 1953-1965. (Ax 727)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Illustrator of books for children. Ames was born in New York, NY. He was the artist-in-residence for Doubleday & Co., Inc., from 1956-1961. He illustrated films for Walt Disney and magazine comic strips. Along with his self-illustrated Draw series, which includes titles such as Draw Fifty Animals (Doubleday, 1974) and Draw Fifty Horses (Doubleday, 1984), Ames has illustrated books for authors such as Jim Kjelgaard, Richard Neuberger, and Isaac Asimov.
Collection includes original drawings and illustrations for four books: Abe Lincoln (an anthology compiled and edited by Hilah Paulmier), Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln (both by Jeannette Covert Nolan), and The Quest of Captain Cook (by Millicent Selsam).

Anderson, Clarence William, 1891-1971.
Lithographs and book dummies, 1964-1968. (Ax 444)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. C.W. Anderson was born in Wahoo, NE, and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He moved to New York in 1925 and became a free-lance artist. Horses were his main interest; his Billy and Blaze series, published by Macmillan, is probably his best-known work. He also wrote many nonfiction books (all self-illustrated) about horses. All of Anderson's drawings were done in pen and ink instead of color.
Five lithographs are of horse subjects. There is a book dummy, with pencil and crayon drawings, for Blaze and the Grey Spotted Pony (New York: Macmillan, 1968), and a book dummy for Blaze and the Indian Cave (New York: Macmillan, 1964).

Annixter, Jane and Paul: see Sturtzel, Howard and Jane Levington.

Appel, Benjamin, 1907-1979. Finding aid
Papers, 1927-1968. (Ax 491)
7 boxes; 8.5 linear ft.
Author. Appel was born in New York, NY, and received a B.S. from Lafayette College in 1929. He first wrote for literary magazines in the 1930s, and authored more than 30 books, some of which were for young people. His children's books include We Were There in the Klondike Gold Rush (Grosset, 1956), The Age of Dictators (Crown, 1968), and Why the Chinese Are the Way They Are (Little, Brown, 1968).
Collection includes manuscripts, galley and page proofs, copies of articles and stories published by Appel, copies of published books, and minor correspondence, 1939-1963.

Archer, Jules, 1915- Finding aid
Papers, 1947-1977. (Ax 314)
32 boxes; 42 linear ft.
Author specializes in biographies for junior high school and high school readers. Archer was born in New York, NY, and received a diploma in advertising from the College of the City of New York. His works for young people include biographies of Douglas MacArthur, Joseph Stalin, Roy Chapman Andrews, and Woodrow Wilson.
The papers include manuscripts and related material relating to biographies of Horace Greeley, Douglas MacArthur, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. The correspondence is mainly with editors and Edith Margolis of the Lenniger Literary Agency. Also included are published books.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Archibald, Joseph Stopford, 1898- Finding aid
Papers, 1916-1957. (A 215)
2 folders.
Author of sports stories and books for young people. Archibald was born in Newington, NH, and attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. During the 1920s he was a sport cartoonist for the McClure Newspaper Syndicate and created the"Saga of Steve West"cartoon strip. He later became a free-lance writer and cartoonist.
Collection includes manuscript for"Special Forces Trooper"; manuscripts for short stories, 1943-1957; various issues of the following magazines:Adventure (1916-1928), Popular Magazine (1920-1925), and Top Notch Magazine (1920-1921).

Arntson, Herbert Edward, 1911- Finding aid
Papers, 1934-1983. (Coll. 064)
29 boxes; 15 linear ft.
Author. Includes manuscripts of books and short stories, poetry, and speeches; tearsheets, and correspondence.

Atwater, Montgomery Meigs, 1904-1976. Finding aid
Papers, 1955-1966. (Ax 630)
2 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author lived in Montana in the 1930s. He wrote short stories and mysteries, often for children, some under the pseudonym Max Montgomery. He worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the 1950s and became an expert in snow avalanche forecasting and control.
The papers include correspondence with publishers, 1963-1964, manuscripts of books and articles, and subject files of information and correspondence on avalanche control and related topics (particularly at Squaw Valley, California), 1955-1966.

Ayer, Margaret, d. 1981. Finding aid
Papers, 1944-1964. (Ax 506)
1 box, 1 solander case; 4.5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Papers include illustrations for Made in Thailand (Knopf, 1964) and for books by other authors, such as Catherine Pears. Also included is the manuscript and illustrations for Ayer'sAnimals of Southeast Asia (St. Martin's Press, 1970), a correspondence file and some published material.

Bach, Alice, 1942- Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1976-1980. (Coll. 233)
6 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. After receiving a B.A. in 1963 from Barnard College, Bach started her career as an assistant editor for Random House Publishing Company. Since then, Bach has worked as senior editor for Books for Young Readers at Dial Press, and spent two years as an adjunct professor of creative writing at New York University's School for Continuing Education. One of her novels, Mollie Make Believe, was cited by the New York Times as one of the best books of the year in 1974, and she won the American Library Association Notable Book Award for her novel Waiting for Johnny Miracle, a book about young cancer patients.
The collection includes manuscripts, galley proofs, and related material for seven books by Bach, including Waiting for Johnny Miracle.

Baynes, Pauline, 1922-. Finding aid
Book illustrations. (A 308)
1 folder.
Illustrations for six different children's books, including one each from C.S. Lewis's The Magician's Nephew and The Last Battle, one from Joseph Wood Krutch's The Most Wonderful Animals That Never Were and one from Snail and Caterpillar by Helen Piers.

Beatty, Hetty Burlingame, 1906-1971. or 1907?? Finding aid
Papers, 1947-1970. (Ax 452)
3 boxes, 7 solander cases; 9.5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Includes manuscripts, original artwork, and related materials for books; correspondence, mainly with Houghton Mifflin Co., publishers, and misc. illustrations.

Behn, Harry, 1898-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1914-1968. (Ax 420)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Author and poet. Includes screenplays, scenarios, screen treatments and continuities, 1926-1939, including The Big Parade, La Bohème, and The Texas Rangers. There are also nine play manuscripts, five radio scripts, and some correspondence, 1914-1924.

Bemelmans, Ludwig: see Glaser, William C.D.

Benary-Isbert, Margot, 1889-1979. Finding aid
Papers, 1950-1971. (Ax 394)
5 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Author. Includes manuscripts of books for children; correspondence with German and American publishers; fan letters, 1964-1970; original illustrations; and published books. Most of the manuscripts and books are in German.

Bendick, Jeanne, 1919- Finding aid
Papers, 1951-1977. (Ax 550)
6 boxes; 13 linear ft.
Illustrator and author (often in conjunction with Robert Bendick) of books, mainly on science-related topics, for young people. Includes correspondence (1966-1967), manuscripts, galley proofs, and original illustrations.

Bendick, Robert, 1917- Finding aid
Papers, 1950-1978. (Ax 505)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Television writer and producer; photographer. Author of books for children and young people; often co-author with Jeanne Bendick.
Includes scripts and related material for television shows, including the NBC TV series "Wide Wide World" (1955-1956).

Berger, Josef, 1903-1972. Finding aid
Papers, 1918-1982. (Coll. 058)
39 boxes, 1 pkg., 23 vol.; 22.5 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Includes manuscripts of books, short stories, poems, song lyrics, speeches, and teleplays. Also includes correspondence, both personal and with agents and publishers, photographs of the Berger family, and published books.

Blake, Eunice: see Bohanon, Eunice Blake.

Blassingame, Lurton. Finding aid
Correspondence files, 1965-1975. (Ax 043)
22 boxes; 33 linear ft.
Literary agent. The correspondence files are with authors, publishers, and agents, and include royalty reports. Major correspondents are: Russell Annabel, Joe Archibald, Joe Brooks, Charles Einstein, Robert Heinlein, A.A. Hoehling, Ted Janes, James Joseph, David Lavender, Keith Monroe, John Reese, Andy Russell, Margaret Self, Don Stanford, and George Sullivan.
Authors of books for young people and children include: Wyatt Blassingame, Merle Constiner, Maureen Daly McGivern, Charles Einstein, Leonard Falkner, Gertrude Elva Bridgman Finney, Robert Fontaine, Neta L. Frazier, Robert Heinlein, Edwin Hoag, A.A. Hoehling, Anne Roller Issler, James Joseph, James Kjelgaard, Robert G. Krauss, Sidney Lens, Mike McGrady, Arthur Orrmont, Alonzo Pond, Margaret Scherf, Don Stanford, G. Harry Stine, Marcella Thum and Robert W. and Janet R. Young.

Blassingame, Wyatt, 1909-: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Bleeker, Sonia: see Zim, Herbert.

Blocklinger, Jeanne, 1895-1970. Finding aid
Papers, 1930-1965. (Ax 297)
10 boxes; 15 linear ft.
Author of novels for teenage girls. Includes manuscripts for books, short stories, essays, and poems, correspondence with agents and publishers, and published books. She used a variety of pseudonyms, such as Peggy O'More, Jeanne Bowman, Betty Blocklinger, and Juliet Mann.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Blough, Glenn O., 1907-Finding aid
Papers, 1953-1973. (Ax 736)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Author of science books and articles for children and young people. He was a science teacher and later a professor, receiving tenure at the University of Chicago and the University of Maryland. The collection includes manuscripts, galley proofs, book dummies, related correspondence and some reviews.

Bohanon, Eunice Blake, 1904- Finding aid
Papers, 1964-1965. (Ax 342)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Editor of books for children; traveling representative of the Dept. of State and Franklin Books, 1964-1966. Visited different nations to encourage development of children's literature and book publishing. Collection contains correspondence and manuscripts of reports relating to Bohanon's tours of India, Pakistan, Israel, Italy, and the Philippines, plus articles on her work and assorted clippings.

Brandenberg, Aliki: see Greenwillow Books.

Brandenberg, Franz: see Greenwillow Books.

Brann, Esther, 1898-1998 Finding aid
Papers, 1924-1960. (Ax 432)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Includes manuscripts for eight books and correspondence with Macmillan Co., publishers.

Bratton, Helen, 1899- Finding aid
Papers, 1962-1969. (Ax 614)
1 box; 1.5.linear ft.
Author; writes novels primarily for teenage girls. Included are manuscripts and research material. Correspondence is with publishers, primarily David McKay Co.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Brooks, Anne Tedlock, 1905-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1939-1966. (Ax 107)
2 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author. Includes correspondence with agents, editors and publishers, manuscripts and related material for books, and copies of published books. She also wrote under the names Ann Carter and Cynthia Millburn.

Brown, William Louis, 1910-1965. Finding aid
Papers, 1936-1972. (Ax 424)
3 boxes; 2.5 linear ft.
Writer of books and stories for young people, published by Coward-McCann. Papers include manuscripts for books, short stories, and articles, 1946-1963. The correspondence consists of letters written by Brown in 1936-1937 during a small boat voyage in the South Seas, and others written during World War II, when Brown was a soldier stationed in Burma and India. There are also letters from Alice Torrey, editor of Coward-McCann, and from literary agents C.V. Parkinson and Otis & McIntosh. Also includes published material.

Bulla, Clyde Robert, 1914- Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1969-1973. (A 297)
1 folder.
Author. Collection contains manuscripts for two books: Dexter (Thomas Y. Crowell, 1946) and The Moon Singer (Thomas Y. Crowell, 1969).

Bullard, Marion.
Papers. (in James Rorty papers, Ax 769)
Sister of James Rorty; author of children's books such as Travels of Sammie the Turtle and Co-Pilot Trott. Includes manuscripts for two articles for the Ulster County News and five poems; original artwork for The Winter Star Book; and miscellaneous material.

Burger, Carl, 1912-1968. Finding aid
Papers, 1960-1968. (Ax 577)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Author, newspaper cartoonist, artist, and art director for advertising firms. Wrote and illustrated books for children. Collection contains manuscripts, original drawings, research material, and maps for the book Beaver Skins and Mountain Men (New York: Dutton, 1968). Also includes correspondence and royalty statements, 1960-1967.

Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968. Finding aid
Papers, 1939-1950. (Ax 839)
2 solander cases, 1 pkg.; 3 linear ft.
Author and illustrator; won Caldecott medal for The Little House in 1943. Collection includes preliminary sketches and final drawings for six books, including Calico, The Wonder Horse; or, The Saga of Stewy Slinker (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1941) and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1939).

Call, Hughie Florence, 1890-1969. Finding aid
Papers, 1937-1978. (Coll. 073)
6 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Freelance writer and children's author. Wrote short stories and articles, contributed to Reader's Digest and the Saturday Evening Post. Collection includes manuscripts for novels, novelettes, and short stories, research notes, reviews, and memorabilia.

Carew, Dorothy, 1910-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1965-1969. (Ax 848)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of two books for children based on her travels, The Netherlands (New York: Macmillan, 1965) and Portugal (New York: Macmillan, 1969). Collection contains early drafts with holograph revisions, manuscripts, research notes and related correspondence for each book.

Carr, Mary Jane, 1899- Finding aid
Papers, 1931-1966. (Ax 121)
1 box, 1 pkg.; .5 linear ft.
Author of books and plays for children. Papers include draft manuscripts, proofs, and related material for the book Children of the Covered Wagon (Crowell, 1934). The Walt Disney production Westward Ho the Wagons was based on this book. The collection also contains a record, movie still and Handbook of Production Information from the movie. Also includes draft chapters and related material for the book Young Mac of Fort Vancouver, two plays adapted for puppets, and fan letters.

Carroll, Ruth Robinson, 1899-, and Latrobe, 1894- Finding aid
Papers, 1932-1975. (Ax 710)
3 boxes, 11 solander cases; 13.5 linear ft.
Ruth Carroll is an illustrator of children's books, many written with her husband, (Archer) Latrobe Carroll. He was on the editorial staff of the Century Company in 1919, and of Liberty magazine, 1924-1934. Papers consist of book manuscripts and original artwork. There is also a collection of autographed presentation copies of books by Elmer and Berta Hader, and letters from the Haders, 1965-1972.

Case, Victoria, 1897-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1935-1972. (Ax 230)
7 boxes; 5 linear ft.
Oregon author. Includes manuscripts of short stories and articles, printed pieces, and correspondence with agents and publishers.

Castor, Henry, 1909-
Papers, 1953-1970. (Ax 847)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author of history books for young people. Collection includes manuscripts for three books on United States history, plus related correspondence.

Cavanah, Frances, 1899-1982. Finding aid
Papers, 1954-1971. (Ax 544)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Includes book manuscripts, correspondence with publishers, and copies of printed books.

Chapman, Maristan (Pseudonym).
Papers, 1841-1977. (Coll. 203)
61 boxes, 2 pkg., 33 vol.; 36 linear ft.
Mary Hamilton Ilsley Chapman (1895-1977) and her husband, John Stanton Higham Chapman (1891-1972) wrote short stories, novels, poems and articles, the majority of them under the name Maristan Chapman. They also wrote individually under the pseudonyms Jane Selkirk, Mary Arran, Stanton Blake, Hamilton Greenwood, Dent Ilsley, R. de L'Isle, Stanton Read, Forge Weatherdon, Mezzo Cammin and Kirk Connell. They are best known for their books depicting the life and surroundings of Tennessee mountaineers.
The papers include personal and professional correspondence (1913-1977), manuscripts of books and articles, research materials, reviews, published books and family papers, 1841-1941. Also includes materials on Stan Chapman's inventions, the petrol pump and the Nomad, an early"motor home."

Chase, Mary Coyle, 1907-1981. Finding aid
Papers, 1945-1968. (Ax 542)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Author. She began her career as a newspaper reporter and a freelance correspondent. Papers consist of manuscripts of plays, books, other writings for children, 1953-1968, and minor correspondence, 1945-1968. Among the play manuscripts are early versions and revisions of Bernadine, Loretta Mason Potts, and Harvey, and a screen treatment of Harvey.

Chastain, Madye Lee, 1908-
Manuscript and illustrations, 1951. (Ax 545)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Collection contains final manuscript and illustrations for Steamboat South (New York: Harcourt, 1951)

Colman, Hila. Finding aid
Papers, 1962-1979. (Ax 750)
3 boxes; 2.5 linear ft.
Free-lance writer who specializes in books for and about adolescents. Papers include professional correspondence, 1962-1971, and manuscripts of books and articles, 1971-1979.

Constiner, Merle: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Corbin, Will: see McGraw, Eloise Jarvis and Will Corbin.

Cormack, Maribelle, 1902- Finding aid
Papers, 1931-1969. (Ax 418)
8 boxes, 1 solander case; 13 linear ft.
Museum director and author. Includes correspondence, manuscripts and related material for books and short stories, plus original illustrations by Norman Price for Last Clash of Claymores and Edward Shenton for Road To Down Under, among others.

Cosgrave, John O'Hara, 1908-1968. Finding aid
Papers, 1930-1970. (Ax 718)
1 box, 10 solander cases; 12.5 linear ft.
Cosgrave studied art in Paris with Andre L'Hote, and specialized in writing and illustrating books about boats and ships, the best known being America Sails the Seas (New York, 1962).
The papers include representations of nearly all phases of Cosgrave's work. Included are sketch books, book illustrations, advertising art, book jacket illustrations, Christmas cards, and magazine illustrations. There is some professional correspondence, 1936-1970, and a series of letters, 1952-1961, to Mary Silva Cosgrave. As Mary Silva, children's editor of Houghton Mifflin, Mrs. Cosgrave worked closely with Mary and Conrad Buff, May McNeer and Lynd Ward, Hans and Margaret Rey and Julia Cunningham. Much of Miss Silva's correspondence is included with the collection.

Cox, William Robert, 1901- Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1979. (Coll. 032)
38 boxes, 23 vol.; 29.5 linear ft.
Author of adventure and sports stories for pulp magazines; later wrote novels in the same general field, plus westerns, screenplays and television plays.
The papers include manuscripts of novels, stories for young people, screenplays and television plays, tearsheets from pulp magazines for westerns and sports stories, 1937-1956, and published volumes. Also included is correspondence, 1955-1979; major correspondents are: the Lenniger Literary Agency, Paul Reynolds, Inc., Rogers Terrill Agency, Universal Publishing and Distributing Co., Bantam Books, and Dodd, Mead & Co.

Craig, Mary Francis, 1923- Finding aid
Papers, 1958-1979. (Ax 435)
6 boxes; 8 linear ft.
Author of books for children and young people; has written short stories for religious magazines and romances for confession magazines. Her early work was written as Mary Francis Shura. The papers consist of manuscripts of books, stories, and articles, and published works. Correspondence is with Atheneum Publishers, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., Lenniger Literary Agency, and McIntosh & Otis, agents.

Credle, Ellis, 1902- Finding aid
Papers, 1964-1972. (Ax 657)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. The collection consists of professional correspondence, 1964-1972, mostly with publisher Thomas Nelson and Sons, and manuscripts, illustrations, and related material.

Crosby, Alexander, 1906-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1980. (Coll. 013)
55 boxes, 1 pkg.; 30 linear ft.
Book editor, newspaper writer, and author of scientific and nature books for juveniles. Includes correspondence, manuscripts, a copy of the Autobiography of Herbert Benjamin with a Crosby rewrite of one chapter, plus correspondence of Scott Nearing and a manuscript of Nearing's book The Making of a Radical; A Political Autobiography (Harper and Row, 1972). Also includes manuscripts and notes for children's books and political pamphlets.
Letters to Adah Kresge, 1959-1979. (Coll. 061)
1 box; 1.5. linear ft.
Adah Kresge was a high school friend of Crosby's. The letters are to her and her husband and cover a wide variety of subjects.

Crowell, Pers, 1910- Finding aid
Papers, 1946-1973. (Ax 228)
2 boxes, 6 solander cases; 7 linear ft.
Illustrator of books for children and painter of Western scenes. Collection includes book manuscripts and correspondence.

Cunningham, Julia Woolfolk, 1916- Finding aid
Papers, 1957-1972. (Ax 655)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Poet; author of books for young people; associate editor of Screen Stories. Collection includes manuscripts of books in various stages, 1970-1973, and poems, 1970-1973. There is also personal and professional correspondence. Major correspondents are: Collins-Knowlton-Wing, Inc., Mary Silva Cosgrave, Madeleine L. Franklin, Houghton Mifflin Co., Margaret McElderry (Harcourt, Brace & World), Evaline Ness, and Pantheon Books, Inc.

Curren, Polly, 1917- Finding aid
Papers, 1968-1979. (Ax 871)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author, writing primarily for very young readers. She is known for the books Hear Ye of Boston and Hear Ye of Philadelphia. Collection includes manuscripts, related materials, and published books.

Daly, Maureen (Mrs. William McGivern), 1922- Finding aid
Papers, 1938-1974. (Ax 753)
5 boxes; 7.5 linear ft.
Author of novels, short stories, and non-fiction articles and books for adults, children and young people. She also wrote television scripts, most of them for the program "Simon Locke, Police Surgeon." She began as a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune. The papers include both personal and professional correspondence, 1938-1974, the main file being with publisher Dodd, Mead and Co. Manuscripts of books, short stories, articles, and scripts are also included, along with printed pieces, biographical material, and published works.
See also Blassingame, Lurton.

Daugherty, Charles Michael, 1914-
Manuscripts and correspondence, 1950-1970. (A 231)
1 folder.
Author and illustrator. Includes manuscripts, illustrations, and correspondence.

Daugherty, James, 1886-1974. Finding aid
Papers, 1853-1973. (Ax 450)
11 boxes, 9 solander cases, 1 drawer, 2 vols.; 20.5 linear ft.
Muralist, artist and book author and illustrator; won the Newbery Medal for Daniel Boone in 1940. The collection includes book manuscripts by Daugherty, his wife Sonia Daugherty (1893-1971), and Charles Daugherty, and a number of book illustrations by Daugherty. There are also mural sketches, drawings, notebooks, sketchbooks, and professional and family correspondence, 1853-1973.

Daugherty, Sonia: see Daugherty, James.

D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin, 1898-, and Ingri Mortenson, 1904-1981. or 1980??
Lithographs for Buffalo Bill (New York: Doubleday, 1952) (Ax 443)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Authors and illustrators of books for children; Caldecott Medal winners for Abraham Lincoln in 1940. The lithographs are one of four complete sets of originals for the book Also included are proof sheets for Trolls (Doubleday, 1972), and The Terrible Troll-Bird (Doubleday, 1976).
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Davis, Marguerite, 1890-1978. Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1977. (Coll. 229)
4 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Davis was born in Chicago, IL. She and her husband, Allen Davis, moved to Portland, OR, in 1920. Davis wrote children's stories and verse as well as non-fiction pieces for publications such as Colliers and St. Nicholas, and contributed regularly to the Portland Oregonian newspaper. She was active in Camp Fire Girls organizations; she organized and led one of the earliest groups in the Chicago area.
The collection includes manuscripts for short stories; newspaper clippings containing Davis' stories; notebooks containing sales records for her manuscripts; travel memorabilia from British Columbia, California (Disneyland, etc.), Oregon, and Washington; and miscellaneous material.

Dawson, Carley Robinson.
Papers, 1921-1968. (Ax 759)
11 boxes; 16.5 linear ft.
Author of children's books; minister of Divine Science. Her mother, Grace Chess Robinson, founded the cosmetics firm Mary Chess, Ltd. Her father, Avery Robinson, was a composer and treasurer of the Royal Philharmonic Society.
Includes extensive correspondence, 1915-1977, both family and personal; manuscripts, and memorabilia. Also included are illustrations by Lynd Ward for the book Mister Wicker's Window (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1952). Many of the illustrations for Mrs. Dawson's books are found in the Lynd Ward collection.

De Angeli, Marguerite: see Glaser, William C.D.

DeWitt, Cornelius, 1905-
Papers, 1935-1967. (Ax 347)
9 solander cases; 9 linear ft.
Illustrator of children's books, including the Harper series "Regions of America"and numerous histories, geographies and encyclopedias for Golden Books. Collection includes original illustrations, some correspondence, and published works.

Dougherty, Joanna Foster, 1928-, compiler. Finding aid
Data assembled for compilation of Illustrators of Children's Books: 1957-1966 (Boston, 1968). (Bx 132)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Biographical and bibliographical data assembled for the book.

Du Bois, William Pene: see Glaser, William C.D.

Duvoisin, Roger Antoine, 1904-1980, and Louise Fatio Duvoisin, 1904- Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1934-1969. (Ax 596)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Writers and illustrators of books for children. Includes some correspondence, manuscripts, galley and page proofs, and a few sketches. They won the Caldecott Medal in 1948 for White Snow, Bright Snow.

Dwiggins, Don, 1913- Finding aid
Selected manuscripts, 1966-1976. (Coll. 090)
2 boxes; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of technical books on aviation and aerospace technology, which are aimed at juvenile audiences. He also writes adult novels, and has written one biography, Frankie, which is based on the life of Frank Sinatra.
Collection consists of working copies and carbon drafts of several books written by Dwiggins, such as Space and the Weather (1966) and Voices in the Sky (1969). Copies of these books are included, along with copies of The Sky Is Yours (1973), Why Airplanes Fly (1976), and Why Kites Fly (1973).

Eberle, Irmengarde, 1898-1979. Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1935-1974. (Ax 459)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Includes manuscripts and related material for several books.

Ehrlich, Bettina, 1903-
Manuscripts and original illustrations, 1959-1960. (A 230)
1 folder.
The children's book, For the Leg of a Chicken, was published in London in 1960. The manuscripts consist of two draft manuscripts and 75 illustrations, 24 in watercolor and some not used. The revised text and illustrations are in effect a book dummy in loose sheets.

Einstein, Charles: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Emery, Anne, 1907- Finding aid
Papers, 1941-1982. (Coll. 185)
43 boxes, 3 vols.; 21 linear ft.
Writer of books for children and young people. Includes manuscripts of books, articles and speeches, research materials, copies of published stories, and correspondence, mainly with publishers.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Evarts, Hal George, 1915- Finding aid
Papers, 1919-1972. (Ax 464)
3 boxes, 2 vols.; 6 linear ft.
Author of adventure fiction for children and western novels. His major interest was in conservation of wildlife and the preservation of natural resources.
Collection includes professional correspondence with editors, agents, and conservationists, 1919-1962; manuscripts of books, articles, and short stories; and printed articles, 1919-1934.

Falkner, Leonard: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Ferguson, Evelyn Nevin, 1910-
Papers, 1965-1977. (Ax 817)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Collection includes correspondence, book and short story manuscripts, clippings and memorabilia.

Finney, Gertrude Elva Bridgeman: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Fisher, Leonard Everett, 1924- Finding aid
Papers, 1936-1969. (Ax 538)
4 boxes, 10 solander cases, 1 folio; 15 linear ft.
Author, painter, designer and illustrator, particularly well known for his development of the scratchboard technique.
Papers include original illustrations for books by various authors; roughs and specifications for illustrations; manuscripts for books by Fisher; correspondence with publishers, galleries, libraries, schools, organizations, and individuals; some family correspondence; fan mail; exhibition catalogs; and color slides.

Flack, Marjorie, 1897-1958. Finding aid
Papers, 1928-1947. (Ax 867)
4 solander cases; 3 linear ft.
Children's author and illustrator. Papers include original illustrations for 13 books by Flack, miscellaneous sketches and artwork, correspondence, and personal material. Also includes some work by Karl Larsson and William Rose Benet, among others., and Peter Rabbit cartoons by Harrison Cady of Flack's studio.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Floethe, Louise Lee, 1913-, and Richard Floethe, 1901- Finding aid
Papers, 1962-1964. (Ax 447)
1 box, 1 solander case; 3.5 linear ft.
Louise Lee and Richard Floethe are, respectively, writer and illustrator of children's books. The collection consists of manuscripts, original illustrations, and minor correspondence concerning the book The Story of Lumber (New York: Scribner's, 1962). Also includes Christmas cards designed by Richard Floethe, and manuscripts for the book Bittersweet Summer (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1964) and the film Must We Have Noise?

Follett Publishing Co., Chicago (Children's Department). Finding aid
Papers, 1944-1973. (Ax 865)
9 boxes; 13.5 linear ft.
Follett was concerned with bringing the children's literature of other countries to American children.
Files include manuscripts, revisions, illustrations, proofs, related material, publicity and minor correspondence for children's books. Follett's editors were Margaret Friskey, Esther Meeks, Sandra Griefenstein, Marci Carafoli, and Ellen Rudin. Also includes some translations of children's literature from French, Danish, and German.

Fontaine, Robert: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Foster, Genevieve Stump, 1893-1979. Finding aid
Papers, 1920s-1975.. (Ax 840)
5 boxes, 1 pkg., 2 solander cases; 9.5 linear ft.
Children's author and illustrator. Collection includes finished drawings for published books and preliminary sketches and overlays for color illustrations, mostly American history books, 1945-1975. There is also some early artwork, 1920s-1930s, correspondence, plus printed reviews, photographs, and memorabilia.

Franchere, Ruth Myers. Finding aid
Papers, 1957-1969. (Ax 548)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Includes manuscripts, galley proofs, and research notes for six books, and correspondence with publisher Thomas Y. Crowell.

Frankenberg, Robert, 1911- Finding aid
Illustrations, 1957-1971. (Coll. 042)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Artist, illustrator, and educator; illustrated children's books. Collection contains original artwork for books and an explanation of his methods and procedures, written by Mr. Frankenberg.

Frazier, Neta L.: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Friermood, Elizabeth Hamilton, 1903- Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1951-1964. (Ax 453)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Includes original manuscripts and related material for nine books.

Fritz, Jean Guttery, 1915-
Manuscripts, 1962-1969. (Ax 664)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author of historical books and biographies for young people. Includes original manuscripts and associated material for three books.

Garelick, May, 1910-1989. Finding aid
Papers, 1956-1979. (Coll. 235)
3 boxes, 1 map folder; 4.5 linear ft.
Editor and author. Garelick was born in Vobruisk, Russia; her family immigrated to the United States when she was nine months old. She was married to Marshall McClintock, also an author. Her career was in the publishing industry, where she worked for publishers such as the William R. Scott Company and E.P. Dutton. Her book About Owls was the Children's Book Showcase Title for 1976. Most of her books were written on nature subjects, and were written as responses to questions posed to her by children.
The collection includes manuscripts and related materials for 11 of Garelick's books. There is original artwork for two of the books, About Owls and Wild Ducks and Daffodils. Minor correspondence with editors and publishers spans the years 1956-1977. Also included are five published volumes.

Gates, Doris, 1901-1987. Finding aid
Papers, 1936-1985. (Coll. 180)
44 boxes, 1 pkg., 53 vols.; 27 linear ft.
Children's author, librarian, and educator. She is best known for her juvenile novels, Blue Willow and Sensible Kate. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts of books, short stories and articles, radio scripts, and Ginn and Company textbook work. Several of the published volumes are German, Swedish, and Danish translations of Gates' books.

Gates, Doris, 1901-1987.
Don H. Smith Collection of Doris Gates Correspondence, 1978-1987. (Coll. 207)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Correspondence between Gates and her friend and colleague from Ginn and Company, Don H. Smith.

Gergely, Tibor: see Ogle, Lucille, and Glaser, William C.D.

Gishler, Pearl: see Lenniger Literary Agency.

Glaser, William C.D. and Lillian Gerard Glaser. Finding aid
Papers, 1903-1965. (Ax 874)
55 boxes, 11 solander cases, 105 vols.; 95.9 linear ft.
The Glasers were printers of children's books; they worked closely with illustrators to achieve superior color reproductions.
The collection is comprised of correspondence, illustrations, and related materials for books by Many well-known children's illustrators, including William Pene DuBois, Marguerite DeAngeli, Marjorie Flack, Tibor Gergely, Willy Pogany, Kate Seredy, Helen Sewell, Kurt Wiese, Richard Holberg, and H.A. Rey, as well as authors Alice Curtis Desmond, Ruth Holberg, and May McNeer.
Caldecott prize-winning illustrators represented by working files include Edgar and Ingri D'Aulaire, Elizabeth Orton Jones, Maud and Miska Petersham, Leonard Weisgard, Berta and Elmer Hader, Leo Politi, and Ludwig Bemelmans.
Also included are job order files, 1930-1964, business records, and subject files.

Gramatky, Hardie, 1907-1979.
Papers, 1945-1972. (Ax 438)
2 boxes, 7 solander cases, 1 drawer; 9 linear ft.
Artist and author/illustrator of books for children; artist for Walt Disney. Includes manuscripts, original artwork, and related material for books and magazines, tearsheets and books from the Ellsworth Elephant series, and correspondence with Walt Disney Productions and G.P. Putnam's Sons. Also includes sketchbooks and workbooks.

Greenwillow Books.
Business files, 1975-1991. (Coll. 140)
80 boxes, 3 drawers, 881 vols.; 158 linear ft.
Greenwillow Books, one of three children's book divisions of the William Morrow Company, Inc., was created in 1975, with Susan Hirschmann as vice-president and editor-in-chief.
The records contain correspondence, office files, production and/or editorial files for books, publicity materials, a copy of each book published, interoffice memos, book reviews, and correspondence. Major authors include Aliki and Franz Brandenberg, Kevin Henkes, Tana Hoban, Diana Wynne Jones, Jack Prelutsky, James Stevenson, Nancy Tafuri, and Gabrielle Vincent.

Gurney, Nancy Jack, 1915-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1965-1972. (A 310)
Author of books for children. Includes a plot summary and dusk jacket sketch and illustrations by her husband, Eric Gurney, for The King, the Mice, and the Cheese (Random House, 1965); and an early draft for Gurney's Guide to Feathered Friends (Morrow, 1968). Also includes tearsheets for "The Little Green Dot" (1972), and a photograph of Nancy Gurney.

Hader, Berta Hoerner, 1890-1976, and Elmer Stanley, 1889-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1906-1974. (Ax 441)
6 boxes, 33 solander cases, 2 folios, 8 pkg., 1 env; 54 linear ft.
Authors and illustrators of books for children. They won the Caldecott award for The Big Snow (New York: Macmillan, 1948) in 1949. The Haders also illustrated books for other authors, including Hamilton Williamson, Louise Seaman, Alice Dalgleish and Cornelia Meigs. The papers include manuscripts and original illustrations for books (including The Big Snow), 1927-1958; original Christmas cards designed by the Haders to send to their friends; miscellaneous artwork; correspondence, 1906-1947; family papers; and reviews.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Haenigsen, Harry William, 1900- Finding aid
Papers, 1920-1970. (Ax 778)
5 boxes, 7 pkg., 5 solander cases; 18.5 linear ft.
Cartoonist, illustrator and artist. He did a daily cartoon series for theNew York Evening Worldand cartoons for the King Features Syndicate; "Our Bill "and "Penny" were his creations. He also provided editorial cartoons for magazines and produced many magazine illustrations.
The collection contains original artwork for cartoons, including "Our Bill" and "Penny"; tearsheets, clippings, publicity, and business and personal correspondence.

Hall, Rosalys Haskell, 1914- Finding aid
Papers, 1954-1968. (Ax 458)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Includes manuscripts and related material for six books, correspondence with editors, publishers and illustrators, reviews, and copies of published books. Original illustrations and dummies for the Hall books are in the Kurt Werth collection.

Hammond, Eleanor, 1866-1933. Finding aid
Papers. (Coll. 038)
2 boxes; 1.5 linear ft.
Hammond was born in Oakland, CA, and educated at the University of Washington and the University of Oregon. She contributed stories to various publications, such as Child Life, Play Mate, American Mercury, Junior World, and the Oregonian.
The collection consists mainly of manuscripts of children's short stories written by Hammond. These include the following series: Dogs Worthy of Mention, Mr. McGregor (concerning the adventures of a Scottie dog, Thomas McKat, and miscellaneous manuscripts. Also included is a scrapbook of published and unpublished poems by Hammond, a copy of "The Obliging Clock" (a children's operetta with the libretto written by Hammond), and 13 issues of Junior World containing stories and poems written by Hammond.

Hawkins, Quail, 1906- Finding aid
Papers, 1925-1974. (Ax 819)
5 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Children's author; lecturer and teacher of children's literature. He worked in book sales departments at the University of California Press and the Sather Gate Book Shop, Berkeley. The collection contains correspondence, 1943-1973, book manuscripts, including Androcles and the Lion (Coward-McCann, 1970), plus manuscripts of short stories and articles, poetry, a musical play, photographs, clippings, illustrations, and published books.

Heinlein, Robert Anson: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Henderson, Le Grand, 1901-1964. Finding aid
Papers, 1932-1981. (Coll. 021)
23 boxes, 33 vol.; 12 linear ft.
Author and illustrator, known especially for his "Augustus" series. His books were written using on his first name, Le Grand. The collection contains almost all Henderson's manuscripts, some illustrations, correspondence with publishers, unpublished materials, and subject files. Also included is a copy of each published book.

Hendrickson, David, 1896-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1963. (Coll. 043)
7 boxes, 5 solander cases; 16.5 linear ft.
Artist and illustrator of magazines and books for adults and children. He often used as background his knowledge of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and of California people and scenery.
Collection contains magazine illustrations for Country Gentleman and Scribner's, among others; book illustrations; some correspondence; advertising illustrations; personal memorabilia; tearsheets; and clippings.

Henkes, Kevin: see Greenwillow Books.

Herron, Edward A.: see Lenniger Literary Agency.

Hickok, Lorena A.: see Joseph, Nannine.

Hirschmann, Susan: see Greenwillow Books.

Hoag, Edwin: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Hoban, Tana: see Greenwillow Books.

Hoehling, Adolph A.: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Hogan, Inez, 1895-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1918-1964. (Coll. 44)
9 boxes, 62 vols.; 7 linear ft.
Author and illustrator, known especially for her Nicodemus series and her animal stories. The collection includes some manuscripts, illustrations, correspondence, biographical and publicity material, and copies of her books.

Hogner, Nils, 1893-1970, and Dorothy Childes Hogner.
Papers, 1938-1969. (Ax 717)
2 boxes, 4 solander cases, 1 folio, 1 drawer; 8 linear ft.
Nils Hogner was a muralist and children's book illustrator, specializing in the illustration of nature books. The papers consist of original illustrations done by Hogner, manuscripts, dummies, galley proofs, and related materials for books by author Dorothy Childes Hogner and others.

Holberg, Ruth Langland, 1889-, and Richard Holberg, 1889-1942. Finding aid
Papers, 1911-1977. (Coll. 179)
24 boxes, 2 pkg.; 12 linear ft.
Ruth Holberg wrote many books for children and young people; Richard Holberg illustrated books for her and other authors. The papers consist of manuscripts of books, short stories, and poetry; research material; financial material; diaries, 1924-1942, 1956, 1968; and correspondence with editors and publishers, particularly Jean Poindexter Colby, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., and Houghton Mifflin Co. Also included are the illustrations for Gloucester Boy, drawn by Richard Holberg.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Holling, Holling Clancy, 1900-1973. Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1955-1956. (Ax 304)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. The collection comprises material for the bookPagoo (Houghton Mifflin, 1957), including manuscript drafts, final copy, galley proofs, publisher's dummy, correspondence with Houghton Mifflin, publicity, and reviews.

Huntington, Harriet Elizabeth, 1909-. Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1942-1974. (Ax 454)
6 boxes, 1 solander case; 9 linear ft.
Author of books for children. The collection includes manuscripts or dummies for several books, with text and photographs by Huntington.

Hyman, Trina Schart, 1939-. Finding aid
Illustrations, 1965-1981. (Coll. 065)
6 solander cases; 6 linear ft.
illustrator of books for children; formerly art editor of Cricket. Collection includes illustrations and some related materials for books illustrated by Hyman for authors such as Jean Fritz, Elizabeth Coatsworth, and Paul Tripp. Also includes greeting cards and fable cards designed by Hyman.

Hyndman, Robert: see Wyndham, Lee.

Issler, Anne Roller: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Jagendorf, Moritz Adolf, 1888-1981. Finding aid
Papers, 1916-1980. (Coll. 045)
16 boxes; 9 linear ft.
Playwright, folklorist, and lecturer. He was also a director at the Free Theatre and the Children's Playhouse, both in New York. Includes correspondence, manuscripts of plays, short stories, and folktales, and research material relating to folklore.

Johnston, Dorothy Grunbock, 1915- Finding aid
Papers, 1953-1970. (Ax 693)
4 boxes; 6 linear ft.
Northwest writer of books, stories and articles for religious publications, especially Sunday School weeklies. Includes manuscripts; correspondence, primarily with Scripture Press; published books; and published Sunday School lessons, 1965-1970.

Jones, Diana Wynne: see Greenwillow Books.

Jones, Elizabeth Orton, 1910-
Papers, 1913-1979. (Coll. 200)
6 boxes, 4 solander cases, 13 vols.; 10 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children; Caldecott medal winner in 1945 for Prayer for a Child. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts for works by Jones and her mother, Jessie Orton Jones, original artwork, and published books.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Jones, Harold, 1904- Finding aid
Papers, 1937-1958. (Ax 601)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Writer and freelance illustrator of books for children. The papers include book dummies, original illustrations, and letters from Walter de la Mare concerning the book This Year, Next Year (London, 1937), by de la Mare and Jones.

Joseph, James Herz: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Joseph, Nannine, 1890-1976. Finding aid
Papers, 1930-1976. (Ax 821)
7 boxes; 10.5 linear ft.
Literary agent, New York City; previously with Brandt and Brandt Literary Agency. The collection consists of correspondence with authors and clients, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Willie Snow Etheridge, Maurine and Richard Neuberger, and Mark Van Doren. Children's authors include Lucy Herndon Crockett, Lorena A. Hickok, Barbara and Myrick Ebben Land, Delos and Maud Hart Lovelace, Adele Gutman Nathan, Gray Johnson, and Lynn Poole. Also includes manuscripts for books, plays, short stories, articles, and poems; miscellaneous material; and published books.

Kennell, Ruth Epperson, 1893- Finding aid
Papers, 1915-1976. (Ax 872)
9 boxes, 24 vol.; 16 linear ft.
Kennell was born in Oklahoma City. After the death of her father, she and her mother moved to the San Francisco Bay area. She briefly attended the University of California at Berkeley in 1913, then began her career as a children's librarian at the Richmond (CA) Public Library in 1914. In 1917 she and her husband, Frank Kennell, joined the American Colony Kuzbas in Moscow. Kennell worked as a reference librarian at the International Library in Moscow from 1925-1927, and in 1927-1928, she was selected to serve as secretary and guide to Theodore Dreiser during a tour of the Soviet Union. After returning to the United States, Kennell began writing books and short stories for children; these were often based in Russia.
The collection includes manuscripts and related material for books, short stories, articles, and screenplays, 1923-1972; correspondence, 1915-1976; miscellaneous materials; and 23 published books.

Kjelgaard, James: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Knight, Ruth Adams, 1894-1974.
Papers, 1938-1971. (Ax 784)
6 boxes; 7 linear ft.
Knight began her career as a reporter and feature writer for the Toledo Times. She began writing for radio in 1929, creating her own series, "Brave Tomorrow," and she wrote for network programs, notably "Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories." Knight also wrote non-fiction books for women, stories for young people, and television scripts. The collection includes manuscripts of books, short stories, plays, and radio scripts.

Krauss, Robert G.: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Krautter, Elisa Bialk, 1912-
Papers, 1947-1968. (Ax 503)
3 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Includes manuscripts of 18 books by Krautter, correspondence with agents and publishers, publicity material, and fan mail.

Lampman, Evelyn Sibley, 1907-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1948-1980. (Coll. 011)
20 boxes, 2 pkg.; 9 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Collection includes book manuscripts of books, short stories, plays, and radio scripts; reviews; printed material; and correspondence with publishers.

Land, Barbara: see Joseph, Nannine.

Land, Myrick Ebben: see Joseph, Nannine.

Lee, Manning de Villeneuve, 1894-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1970. (Ax 530)
5 boxes, 4 solander cases, 2 posters; 10.5 linear ft.
Artist, writer, and editor. Includes original book and magazine illustrations by Manning Lee, book and article manuscripts and illustrations by Tina Lee, and correspondence with publishers.

Leighton, Margaret (Carver), 1896- Finding aid
Papers, 1937-1973. (Ax 285)
4 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author. Papers include manuscripts, galley proofs, related material, correspondence, and reviews of Leighton's books. Some correspondence is with Wilma K. McFarland, editor, 1937-1947.

Lenniger Literary Agency. Finding aid
Papers, 1926-1975. (Ax 73)
50 boxes; 70.5 linear ft.
The agency was founded by August Lenniger in 1923. The papers include company ledgers, 1928-1969, ad books, 1932-1944, and correspondence of August Lenniger and Edith Margolis with agency clients and publishers, 1961-1978. Letters concern the editing and sales of manuscripts, requirements and house rules of publishers, the state of the literary market, and personal problems of writers. Over 500 published volumes are included in the collection.
Major writers of books for young readers include Irving and Ruth Adler, Jules Archer, Peggy O'More Blocklinger, Helen Bratton, Anne Emery, Pearl Gishler, Edward A. Herron, Walt Morey, Denise Royal, Eva Rutland, William Irvin Severn, and Emma Gelders Sterne.

Lens, Sidney, 1912-: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Levinger, Elma Ehrlich, 1887-1958. Finding aid
Papers, 1912-1953. (Ax 309)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Levinger was the wife of Lee Joseph Levinger. The papers consist of manuscripts of plays, novels, poems, and short stories, most of them related to or based on Jewish history and folklore. Also includes published pieces and biographical material.

Lewiton, Mina: see Simon, Howard.

Lovelace, Maud Hart, 1892-
Papers, 1950-1952. (Ax 849)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Author of books for children, including the Betsy-Tacy series. The collection includes original illustrations for two of her books, Betsy and the Great World (New York: Crowell, 1952), illustrated by Vera Neville, and Tune is In the Tree (New York: Crowell, 1950), illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Includes materials related to Delos Wheeler Lovelace.

McGivern, Maureen Daly: see Daly, Maureen.

McGrady, Mike: see Blassingame, Lurton.

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis, 1915- Finding aid
Papers, 1932-1977. (Ax 243)
15 boxes, 1 vol.; 22 linear ft.
Author of books for children and young adults. Includes the papers of William Corbin McGraw, author of books for children. The papers consist of correspondence, working notes and drafts, manuscripts, galleys, and published copies of books. Also includes working files prepared to teach courses on the writing of children's books. Correspondents include juvenile editors Alice Torrey, Dorothy Starr and Margaret McElderry.

Machetanz, Sara Burleson, 1918- Finding aid
Papers, 1954-1961. (A 219)
1 folder.
Writer of books for children. With her husband, Frederick, she has written books and produced films about Eskimo life in Alaska. Includes manuscript fragments and related material for the book Howl of the Malemute (1961), and an outline for Wood, Water and Dogs. Also includes letters, 1954-1957, and a diary, 1954-1955, written at Unalakeet, Alaska, describing experiences in an Eskimo village.

McLelland, Isabel Couper. Finding aid
Papers, 1941-1962. (Ax 419)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author. Includes manuscripts and related materials for four books, correspondence with publisher Henry Holt and Co., miscellaneous correspondence with readers and librarians, and other miscellaneous manuscripts and materials.

McNeer, May: see Glaser, William C.D.and DeWitt, Cornelius.

Mansfield, Norma Bicknell, 1906-1965. Finding aid
Papers of Norma B. and Robert Stuart Mansfield, 1921-1970. (Ax 765)
5 boxes; 5.5 linear ft.
The Mansfields were married in 1925 when they were students at the University of Michigan. Robert Mansfield later taught at the School of Journalism, University of Washington. They both wrote fiction and non-fiction for magazines.
The papers consist of manuscripts of books and short stories, tearsheets, and correspondence with agents and editors. Major correspondents are Brandt and Brandt, Rowena Ferguson (Board of Christian Education, Methodist Episcopal Church, South), Elizabeth L. Gilman (Farrar & Rinehart), Anne Stoddard (American Girl editor), Edwin B. Chappell, Jr. (Department of Sunday Schools, Methodist Episcopal Church, South). Also includes biographical material.

Marshall, James, 1942- Finding aid
Papers, 1971-1975. (Ax 856)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children, with a special focus on animals as leading characters in his stories. The collection includes sketches, a holograph manuscript of "Yummers" with original ink drawings, correspondence and copies of six of the author's books.

Mason, Arthur, 1876-1955. Finding aid
Papers, 1919-1966. (Ax 402)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author. Includes holograph manuscripts of novels and short stories, correspondence with agents and publishers, contracts, and reviews. With the collection are the papers (1919-1966) of Mrs. Mary Frank Mason, consisting of manuscripts of children's stories, articles on children's literature and library service, and correspondence.

Mason, Mary Frank: see Mason, Arthur.

May, Charles Paul, 1920- Finding aid
Papers, 1961-1968. (Ax 489)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
May was born in Bedford, Iowa, and educated at Drake University. He has done editorial work for a variety of encyclopedias, and writes books for young children. Papers include book manuscripts on Canadian subjects and nature, published books, and correspondence with Macmillan Co. and St. Martin's Press.

Meltzer, Milton, 1915- Finding aid
Papers, 1953-1979. (Ax 533)
12 boxes; 17 linear ft.
Meltzer was born in Worcester, Ma., and attended Columbia University. He has been a reporter and magazine editor. He writes history books and biographies, particularly on the subject of the Negro in America. The papers consist of book manuscripts, notes and correspondence with subjects and informants. Among the correspondents are Langston Hughes, Arna Bontemps, and C. Eric Lincoln.

Mizner, Elizabeth Howard, 1907-
Papers, 1955-1964. (Ax 663)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Collection includes manuscripts and related material for Verity's Voyage (William Morrow & Company, 1964), The Road Lies West (William Morrow&Company, 1955), and A Girl of the North Country (William Morrow & Company, 1957).

Montgomery, Rutherford George, 1894-
Papers, 1930-1975. (Ax 352)
17 boxes, 1 solander case; 28.5 linear ft.
Montgomery was born in North Dakota and educated at Western State College of Colorado. He was a school teacher and county judge before beginning his writing career. He wrote nature and adventure stories for young people.
The papers consist of manuscripts of books, short stories, and screenplays. Major correspondents are publishers, editors, and agents, including: Jacob Bates Abbott, Brandt & Brandt, Caxton Printers, Doubleday & Co., Halliday & McCloy (David Dresser), Henry Holt & Co., Houghton Mifflin Co., Otis A. Kline, Lenniger Literary Agency, David McKay Co., Joseph T. Shaw, P.F. Volland Co., Westminster Press, and Willis K. Wing.

Moore, Lillian.
Papers, 1952-1969. (Ax 434)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Moore was born in New York City and educated at Hunter College and Columbia University. She was a member of the Bureau of Educational Research of the New York City Board of Education, and was associated with Scholastic Book Service.
The papers consist of book manuscripts and related material, correspondence, reviews, fan letters, and published articles and books.

Moore, Rosalie, 1910- Finding aid
Papers, 1927-1986. (Coll. 215)
8 boxes, 1 pkg., 13 vols.; 6 linear ft.
Poet and author of stories for young people. Includes manuscripts of poems, plays, and books, publications containing Moore's work, and published books. Correspondence is with poets, publishers, and award committees. Major correspondents are John Ciardi, Karl Shapiro, and Louis Untermeyer.
See also Brown, William Louis.

Morey, Walter, 1907-1992. Finding aid
Papers, 1937-1992. (Coll. 230)
88 boxes, 1 solander. case, 2 pkg., 40 vol.; 54 linear ft.
Morey was born in Hoquiam, WA., and attended schools in Oregon and Montana. He worked at various jobs and wrote pulp fiction stories before his first children's book, Gentle Ben, was published in 1965. He had 14 books for juveniles published, all focusing on animals, nature, and the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, before his death on January 12, 1992.
The papers include manuscripts and related material for books and short stories; correspondence with agents, authors, and publishers; fan letters written by school children; magazines containing short stories by Morey; publicity material; and published books.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Morrison, Dorothy. Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1977-1979. (Ax 862)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author of mainly historical works. The collection consists of original manuscripts with holograph corrections of Ladies Were Not Expected (New York: Atheneum, 1977) and The Eagle and the Fort (New York: Atheneum, 1979).

Nathan, Adele Gutman: see Joseph, Nannine

Nathan, Dorothy Goldeen, d. 1966. Finding aid
Papers, 1942-1966. (Ax 414)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Author. Includes manuscript for one book, some published works, and correspondence, mainly with Random House, 1942-1966.

Newbery, Clare Turlay, 1903-1970. Finding aid
Papers, 1910-1970. (Ax 681)
3 solander cases, 2 posters; 6 linear ft.
Newbery was born in Enterprise, Ca., and educated at the University of Oregon, the California School of Fine Arts, and La Grande Chaumiere, Paris. Until 1934 she did portrait work almost exclusively; thereafter she produced books and portfolios, about cats, for children.
The collection includes original drawings, sketches and illustrations, three book dummies, and scrapbooks from childhood and early school days.

Nickless, Will B. Finding aid
Illustrations. (Ax 863)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Illustrator of children's literature, with focus on classics. The collection includes sketches and ink drawings from such works as Vanity Fair, Pride and Prejudice, Pilgrim's Progress, The Ballad of Robin Hood, and Heidi, plus several miscellaneous pieces.

Nolen, Barbara: see Strong, Barbara Nolen.

O'Dell, Scott, 1903- Finding aid
Papers, 1966-1976. (Ax 809)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Author of books for children. The collection consists of manuscripts, galley proofs, and related material for Cruise of the Arctic Star (Houghton Mifflin, 1973). Also includes correspondence with Houghton Mifflin discussing many of O'Dell's books.

Ogle, Lucille, 1904-1989. Finding aid
Papers, 1934-1973. (Coll. 201)
55 boxes, 15 solander cases, 1 folio; 37.5 linear ft.
Ogle was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and educated at Western Reserve University and New York University. While with the Artists and Writers Guild (later Artists and Writers Press), she worked with George Duplaix in designing a new line of mass-market children's books, which became Little Golden Books. She was a contributor to the activities pages in publications such as Disney's Mickey Mouse magazine in the 1930's, and authored or co-authored ten books.
The collection consists of book manuscripts, correspondence, material on the Western Publishing Company and its divisions (Charles A. Merrill, Harper and Row, Golden Press, etc.), and artwork. The Golden Press material includes correspondence, manuscripts, book dummies, and illustrations for Little Golden Books by various authors. Also included is miscellaneous artwork and rejection letters.

Orrmont, Arthur, 1922-: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Petersham, Maud Fuller, 1890-1971. Finding aid
Manuscripts and illustrations of Maud and Miska Petersham, 1930-1958. (Ax 534)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Authors and illustrators. Includes original illustrations, book dummies, and proofs for books by the Petershams.

Petersham, Miska, 1889-1960: see Petersham, Maud. See also Glaser, William C.D.

Phelps, Naomi. Finding aid
Papers. (Ax 222)
4 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Collection consists of poems and short stories in manuscript, and research notes for a projected history of Idaho. Also includes a scrapbook of published works, correspondence, sayings related to the Church Mouse series, and a pamphlet, Briar Pipes (New York, 1935).

Pinkerton, Kathrene Sutherland, 1887-: see Pinkerton, Robert.

Pinkerton, Robert Eugene, 1882-1970. Finding aid
Papers of Robert and Kathrene Sutherland Pinkerton, 1911-1962. (Ax 591)
5 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Robert Pinkerton was born in Arena, Wis., and attended the University of Wisconsin. He was a reporter and news editor in Milwaukee. In 1911 he married Kathrene Gedney (1887-1967). The couple moved to the Canadian wilds and wrote fiction and articles with outdoor or adventure themes, often for young readers. Much of their early work appeared in pulp magazines.
The papers consist of correspondence, tearsheets for short stories and articles, mainly from pulp and nature magazines. Also includes research notes and material, photographs, and published volumes, many of them Dutch and Swiss editions of Kathrene Pinkerton's books.

Pitz, Henry Clarence, 1895-1976. Finding aid
Papers, 1924-1972. (Ax 392)
3 boxes, 5 solander cases; 10.5 linear ft.
Artist and illustrator. Includes manuscripts of books and articles, original illustrations for books by other authors illustrated by Pitz, and copies of published books illustrated by Pitz, 1924-1943. Correspondence is with writers, publishers, and artists.

Plowhead, Ruth Gipson, 1877-1970. Finding aid
Papers, 1931-1969. (Ax 713)
2 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author of books for children Includes manuscripts of books, short stories, and articles; radio scripts adapted from Plowhead's short stories; correspondence, 1941-1959; a scrapbook containing reviews and clippings; original illustrations by Agnes Randall Moore for several of Plowhead's books; and a copy of the book Lucretia Ann on the Oregon Trail (Caxton Printers, 1969).

Pogany, Willy, 1882-1955. Finding aid
Papers, 1913-1970. (Coll. 199)
1 box, 11 drawers; 34.5 linear ft.
William Andrew Pogany, professionally known as Willy Pogany, was born in Szeged, Hungary. He attended the Budapest Technical School and the Academy of Art, Budapest. In 1906 he went to London where he became a book illustrator, and in 1915 he came to the United States. He excelled in a variety of arts, including stage decoration, costume design, mural painting, sculpture, architecture, and portraiture. Pogany in best known for his book, magazine, and newspaper illustrations.
The collection includes numerous original illustrations for books and American Weekly Magazine, motion picture set designs and murals, plus many unidentified illustrations. Correspondence, 1917-1967, is mainly with publishers.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Pond, Alonzo: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Poole, Gray Johnson: see Joseph, Nannine.

Poole, Lyn: see Joseph, Nannine.

Prelutsky, Jack: see Greenwillow Books.

Price, Christine, 1928-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1947-1978. (Ax 448)
12 boxes, 3 solander cases; 21 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Includes manuscripts; illustrations for books by Price and others, 1947-1977; correspondence, 1951-1978; journals, notebooks and sketchbooks, 1963-1978, containing notes and sketches made during Price's extensive travels. Also includes photographs and slides of her travels, and linoleum cuts for illustrations.

Price, Edith Ballinger, 1897- Finding aid
Papers, 1905-1977. (Coll. 214)
4 boxes, 2 solander cases; 6 linear ft.
Children's author and illustrator. Many of her works were published in Girl Scout magazines such as The American Girl and Girls Today. The papers include sketchbooks, 1905-1940s; misc. artwork; manuscripts for short stories, poems, and verse-and-picture books.

Price, Margaret Evans, 1888-1973. Finding aid
Papers, 1921-1955. (Ax 735)
1 box, 1 pkg.; 3.5 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of children's books. Collection includes original artwork for Windy Shore (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1930) and other unidentified works. Seven copies of books written by Price are included.

Provensen, Alice and Martin: see Ogle, Lucille.

Reck, Franklin Mering, 1896-1965. Finding aid
Papers, 1909-1966. (Ax 692)
3 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Reck was educated at Iowa Agricultural College, and became a free-lance writer. His specialties were agriculture, transportation, sport, and adventure books for boys.
The collection consists of correspondence, 1909-1966, including a series of letters from Iowa Agricultural College (1921-1924), and manuscripts of books, short stories, and articles, mainly on sports and transportation topics. Includes material on a Latin American trip taken by Reck in 1962 after receiving a Ford Foundation grant to study 4-H-type clubs in Latin America.

Rey, Hans Augusto, 1898-1977. Finding aid
Papers, 1940-1961. (Ax 828)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children. H.A. Rey often collaborated with his wife, Margaret, to produce children's books, including the Curious George series.
The collection includes a paste-up for the book The Stars: A New Way To See Them (Houghton Mifflin, 1951), and two book dummies for the sixth printing of the book in 1961. Correspondence, 1940-1960, includes extensive correspondence with Houghton Mifflin and A. P. Watt and Son, a British literary agency.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Royal, Denise, 1935- Finding aid
Papers, 1967-1969. (Ax 721)
2 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Royal was born in Sharon, Pa., and was educated at the University of Pennsylvania. She did public relations work, and is a free-lance writer. Most of this collection represents the research and writing of a young people's biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Ruggedness of Soul: The Life of J. Robert Oppenheimer (St. Martin Press, 1969). Also includes is correspondence, notes manuscripts, and research material.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Ruhtenberg, Polly King, 1907-1983. Finding aid
Papers, 1946-1983. (Coll. 081)
13 boxes, 1 pkg.; 7.5 linear ft.
Librarian and children's author; active in social and civic organizations.
Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, speeches, research materials, and audio-visual materials. Most of the manuscripts date from the 1970s and 1980s and are of articles, short stories, poems, and novellas written for children and general audiences.

Rutland, Eva, 1917- Finding aid
Papers, 1949-1979. (Coll. 063)
3 boxes; 1.5 linear ft.
Rutland was born in Atlanta, GA, and educated at Spelman College (Atlanta). She is a writer of short stories, articles, and books, some about Black families.
The papers consist of manuscripts of books, short stories, poetry, and the play Pride, Prejudice, and Pollution, and personal and professional correspondence. Major correspondents are Abingdon Press and the Lenniger Literary Agency.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Savery, Constance Winifred, 1897-
Work diaries, 1913-1973. (A 309)
British author of children's literature. Four of the volumes give chronological accounts of publications, dates, and pen names used. The fifth volume contains short stories and miscellaneous material.

Scherf, Margaret (Margaret Scherf Beebe), 1903-1979. Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1965-1972. (Ax 666)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of mystery and detective fiction. Includes book manuscripts for works such as To Cache a Millionaire, and some galley proofs and page proofs for five books by Scherf.
See also Blassingame, Lurton.

Schorr, Esther Brann: see Brann, Esther.

Scovel, Frederick Gilman, 1902 and Scovel, Myra- Finding aid
Papers of Frederick G. and Myra Scott Scovel, 1930-1970. (Ax 707)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Frederick Scovel was born in Cortland, NY, and educated at Cornell University. He was a Presbyterian medical missionary in China from 1930-1951, most of that time at the Bachman Hunter Hospital, Tsining, Shantung. In 1941-1942 he and his wife were interned by the Japanese, and were repatriated in 1943 via the Gripsholm. Later they returned to China for two years, and then went to India where they worked with the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. Mrs. Scovel (1905-) was a nurse. She wrote several books for children based on her experiences in China and India, the best-known being the autobiographical Chinese Ginger Jars (NY, 1962).
The papers include a few letters from China and India, miscellaneous correspondence, diaries of Frederick Scovel (1933, 1937, 1945-1946, 1959) and a diary of Myra Scovel (1941-1942) kept during their internment. There are also manuscripts and related material for books and articles for children by Mrs. Scovel.

Selsam, Millicent (Ellis), 1912- Finding aid
Manuscripts, 1947-1969. (Ax 457)
3 boxes; 2.5 linear ft.
Author of popular science books for young people. Includes book manuscripts and related material, and copies of published books by Selsam.

Seredy, Kate, 1894-1975. Finding aid
Illustrations and artwork. (Ax 517)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children, including The Good Master (Viking, 1935) and The White Stag (Viking, 1937), for which she won the Newbery medal in 1938.
The collection includes original illustrations for Caddie Woodlawn (New York: Macmillan, 1935) by Carol Ryrie Brink, and four pastel portrait sketches.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Severn, William Irvin, 1914-: see Lenniger Literary Agency.

Sewell, Helen: see Glaser, William C.D.

Shackelford, Shelby, 1899-
Papers, 1936-1943. (Ax 777)
2 solander cases; 3 linear ft.
Author and illustrator. Includes manuscripts, related material, and original artwork, mainly scratchboard illustrations, for two books, Electric Eel Calling (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, c1941) and Now for Creatures (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1936). Also includes manuscripts for short stories and articles, miscellaneous illustrations, and correspondence, 1937-1943.

Silva, Mary: see Cosgrave, John O'Hara.

Simon, Howard, 1903-1974. Finding aid
Papers of Howard and Mina Lewiton Simon, 1947-1969. (Ax 702)
1 box, 1 solander case; 4.5 linear ft.
Howard Simon was born in New York and attended the National Academy of Design. He was an artist and illustrator of books for children and young people. Mina L. Simon (1904-1970) was born in New York and educated at the New School for Social Research. She was a writer, primarily of books for juveniles.
The papers include manuscripts, related material, and original artwork for books by Mina and Howard Simon; miscellaneous illustrations; some correspondence; and copies of 11 published books.

Slobodkin, Louis, 1903-1975. Finding aid and Addendum finding aid
Papers, 1927-1976. (Coll. 178)
18 boxes, 1 pkg.; 9 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of children's books. He was also a sculptor and designer. He won the Caldecott medal in 1943 for illustrations of James Thurber's book Many Moons.
The collection includes manuscripts, related material, and original artwork, 1942-1972. Correspondence, 1927-1976, mainly with Macmillan and Vanguard Press. Also includes speeches, articles, radio scripts, book reviews, royalty statements, and sketchbooks.

Stanford, Donald Kent, 1913-: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Steffan, Alice Jacqueline (Kennedy), 1907- Finding aid
Papers, 1956-1966. (Ax 293)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Author of books for children. Includes manuscripts and related material for eight books, and correspondence with publishers. She published under the pseudonym Jack Steffen.

Stein, Harve, 1904- Finding aid
Papers, 1941-1970. (Ax 729)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Illustrator of children's books. Collection contains correspondence, 1941-1970, and original illustrations for two books, The First Book of the California Goldrush, by Walter Havinghurst (Franklin Watts, 1962), and Galileo and the Magic Numbers, by Sidney Rosen (Little, Brown, 1958).

Sterling, Dorothy, 1913- Finding aid
Papers, 1936-1978. (Ax 532)
2 boxes; 3 linear ft.
Author of books for children; her special interests are Black American history and biology. The collection contains correspondence, research materials, and manuscripts for books and articles.

Sterling, Philip. Finding aid
Papers, 1947-1970. (Ax 751)
4 boxes; 5 linear ft.
Sterling was general publicity factotum for Columbia Broadcasting System beginning in 1945. Around 1960 he began writing and collaborating on biographies.
The papers include publicity material for a number of radio shows in the 1940s and 1950s, correspondence, manuscripts, and research material. Much of the research material is for a biography of Rachel Carson: Sea and Earth: The Life of Rachel Carson (New York: Crowell, 1970).

Sterne, Emma Gelders, 1894-1971. Finding aid
Papers, 1927-1971. (Ax 391)
6 boxes; 9 linear ft.
Sterne was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and was educated at Smith College and Columbia University. She sold her first story in 1923. During World War II she wrote for the Office of War Information, and later for the United Nations. She was editor of the Aladdin Books series of American Heritage. Some of her later books, particularly the Kathy Martin series, were written in collaboration with a daughter, Barbara Lindsay, under the pseudonym Josephine James.
The papers include manuscripts and related material for books and plays. There is a report on the peace march to Washington, DC, in 1963. Major correspondents are: Artists and Writers Guild, Inc., Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., Marjory Lacey-Baker, Edith Margolis, and Gilda Tommasi of Lenniger Literary Agency. There is also a file of letters received by Sterne in 1967 when she was interned at the Santa Rita, CA, Rehabilitation Center for participation in an anti-draft demonstration on Oct. 16, 1967.
See also Lenniger Literary Agency.

Stevenson, James: see Greenwillow Books.

Stevenson, Janet, 1913- Finding aid
Papers, 1929-1978. (Ax 265)
6 boxes, 1 pkg.; 8.5 linear ft.
Author. Includes manuscripts of plays, short stories, and novels, and correspondence with agents and publishers. One folder has correspondence and documents on Stevenson's political dismissal from the University of Southern California in 1952.

Stine, G. Harry.: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Stratemayer Syndicate. Finding aid
Papers, 1883-1966. (Ax 815)
2 boxes; 1.5 linear ft.
Edward Stratemayer (1862-1927) was an author and founded the Stratemayer Syndicate, which produced adventure story series for children, such as the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Honey Bunch, and Bobbsey Twins series. He wrote under 65 different pseudonyms. Harriet Stratemayer Adams, his daughter (1901-) continued writing the series after his death and became an owner and manager of the Syndicate.
The collection includes a printer's copy and holograph outline for the Nancy Drew story The Double Jinx Mystery; typed draft for In the Lightning Flash by Chester K. Steele (Edward Stratemeyer); and galley proofs for The Radio Boys on the Pacific and Snowbound in Camp (The Blythe Girls), both by Edward Stratemeyer. Also includes various issues of the publications Bright Days and Our American Boys; a complete libretto for Love's Maze, a comic opera written by Edward Stratemeyer and composed by Louis C. Stratemeyer; fan letters for the years 1928-1929; and copies of four published books.

Strong, Barbara Nolen, 1902-
Manuscripts, 1937-1973. (Ax 771)
2 boxes, 2 pkg.; 4.5 linear ft.
Strong was born in Ardmore, PA, and educated at Smith College and Stanford University. She has been an editor of children's books and magazines and a writer of children's books. From 1936-1954 she was editor of Story Parade.
The manuscripts, correspondence, and related material are for several books written or edited by Strong: Africa Is People (Dutton, 1967), Africa Is Thunder and Wonder (Scribner's, 1972), First Book of Ethiopia (Franklin Watts, 1971), and Mexico Is People (Scribner's, 1973). Also includes published material and various issues of Story Parade, a children's magazine.

Sturtzel, Howard Allison, and Jane Sturtzel.
Manuscripts, 1956-1977. (Ax 654)
2 boxes; 1 linear ft.
Howard Sturtzel was born in Minneapolis, MN, and educated at South Dakota Agricultural College. His early writing was published in a variety of magazines from pulps to Saturday Evening Post. He writes nature novels for young people in collaboration with his wife, Jane Levington Sturtzel (1903-), under the names Jane and Paul Annixter. Jane Sturtzel (1903-) was born in Detroit, MI, and educated in public schools.
The collection consists of manuscripts and related material for several novels.

Summers, James Levingston, 1910-1972. Finding aid
Papers, 1946-1968. (Ax 495)
8 boxes; 12 linear ft.
Author of stories and books for young people. Includes manuscripts and related material for novels and short stories. Also includes miscellaneous material and copies of published books and short stories. Major correspondents include agents Ruth Cantor, McIntosh and Otis, Inc., Constance Smith, publishers Doubleday and Co., Junior Literary Guild, David McKay, and Westminster Press.

Tafuri, Nancy: see Greenwillow Books.

Tee-Van, Helen Damrosch, 1893- Finding aid
Papers, 1900-1969. (Ax 715)
4 solander cases; 3 linear ft.
Artist and illustrator of books for children. She was born in New York City and educated at Veltin School and various art classes and clubs. She was an artist on thirteen expeditions of the Tropical Research Department of the New York Zoological Society, 1922-1963, and has been the author-illustrator or illustrator of natural history books. She has also designed and executed dioramas and murals.
The papers include drawings from several scientific expeditions, original illustrations for natural history books and articles, 1918-1969, sketches and water colors of murals and dioramas, and sketch books, 1900-1929.

Tunis, Edwin, 1897-1973.
Papers, 1951-1979. (Ax 776)
10 solander cases, 2 pkg., 1 folio, 1 poster, 1 envelope; 12 linear ft.
Tunis was born in Cold Springs Harbor, NY, and educated at the Maryland School of Art and Design. His entry into the field of book writing and illustration was unplanned. In succession he was a furniture designer, advertising copywriter and artist, commercial artist, muralist, and stage designer. His first book, Cars, Sail and Steam (Cleveland, 1952), which he both wrote and illustrated, established Tunis as one of the best factual illustrators. His talent for organizing information and illustrating it accurately and artistically was applied, as well, to the books that followed, published for the junior high and high school reader.
The papers consist of manuscripts, related material, and original artwork for books by Tunis. Correspondence, 1951-1974, is mainly with Curtis Brown, Ltd., and World Publishing Company.

Turngren, Annette, 1902-1980. Finding aid
Papers, 1939-1969. (Ax 557)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author. Collection consists of a manuscript for Mystery Plays a Golden Flute (Funk and Wagnalls, 1969), scratchboard drawings for Flaxen Braids and Copper Kettle, and copies of 14 published books.

Uchida, Yoshiko, 1921- Finding aid
Papers, 1948-1978. (Ax 549)
5 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children with an emphasis on Japanese folk tales and/or the Japanese-American child. Includes manuscripts, correspondence, and related material for 14 books, and copies of eight published books.

Unwin, Nora Spicer, 1907-1982. Finding aid
Papers, 1930-1977. (Ax 358)
6 boxes, 5 solander cases; 15 linear ft.
Illustrator and author of books for children. Collection contains manuscripts, original artwork, and related material for books illustrated by Unwin. Also includes some correspondence, sketchbooks, miscellaneous artwork, and publicity material. Many of the books illustrated by Unwin were written by Elizabeth Yates.

Vincent, Gabrielle: see Greenwillow Books.

Ward, Lynd Kendall, 1905- Finding aid
Papers, 1946-1962. (Ax 724)
1 box; .5 linear ft.
Ward was born in Chicago and educated at Teachers College, Columbia University and the State Academy of Graphic Arts, Leipzig. As an illustrator he is best known for his wood engraving and woodcuts.
The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, sketches, and related material for books, articles, and brochures illustrated by Ward. There are five letters from Carley Dawson, 1954-1955. Ward won the Caldecott award in 1953 for The Biggest Bear.

Watson, Jane Werner, 1915-
Papers, 1958-1978. (Ax 787)
4 boxes; 4 linear ft.
Watson was born in Fond du Lac, WI, and educated at the University of Wisconsin. She has long been associated with publishing, both as an editor and author of books for children and young people.
The papers include correspondence with editors and publishers such as the Garrard Publishing Company and Western Publishing Company. Includes manuscripts and related material for the Learning to Know Yourself series, including correspondence with Dr. Robert E. Switzer of the Menninger Clinic.

Weil, Lisl, 1910-
Papers, 1950-1979. (Ax 612)
4 solander cases; 3 linear ft.
Weil was born in Vienna and attended the Kunstgewerbeschule there. She did illustrations and artwork for newspapers. In 1939 she came to the United States, becoming a citizen in 1944. She is an author and illustrator of books for children, and has developed children's programs for television and the theater.
The collection includes manuscripts, original artwork, and related material for books written and illustrated by Weil, and for books by other authors illustrated by Weil.

Weisgard, Leonard: see Glaser, William C.D.

Werner, Vivian Lescher. Finding aid
Papers, 1958-1975. (Ax 641)
2 boxes; 2 linear ft.
Werner was born in Bellingham, WA, and educated at Bennington College, VT. She is a free-lance writer for magazines, and a novelist and writer of books for children and young people.
The papers consist of manuscripts and related material for books and articles. Most of the correspondence is with agents Roscia Colin and the Lenniger Literary Agency, and with publishers Rupert Hart-Davis, Ltd. and Doubleday and Company.

Werth, Kurt, 1896- Finding aid
Manuscripts and illustrations, 1921-1974. (Coll. 100)
5 boxes, 12 solander cases, 185 vol.; 21 linear ft.
Illustrator, cartoonist, and author of books for children. The collection includes manuscripts, sketches, rough layouts, dummies, and finished artwork for books; and cartoons and sketches from his early career in Germany before World War II.

White, Anne Terry, 1896-1981. Finding aid
Papers, 1963-1968. (Ax 468)
1 box; 1.5 linear ft.
Author of books for children. White translated books for children from Russian. Includes manuscripts of books and translations. Correspondence is with publishers, especially George Braziller, Inc., Thomas Y. Crowell, Doubleday and Co., Pantheon Books, and Garrard Publishers. Also includes 14 of the author's books in translation into Portuguese, Bengali, Persian, and Arabic.

Wiese, Kurt, 1887-1974. Finding aid
Illustrations, 1912-1962. (Ax 445)
2 boxes, 11 solander cases; 12 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children. Includes original illustrations and related material for books and magazines, 1928-1962. Also includes some correspondence, miscellaneous illustrations, sketchbooks, and photographs of China and Australia, 1912-1918.
See also Glaser, William C.D.

Wilkin, Eloise B., 1904- Finding aid
Papers, 1979-1980. (Coll. 213)
1 solander case; 3 linear ft.
Author and illustrator of books for children, known for her work for the Golden Press and its editor, Lucille Ogle. The collection contains materials relating to the book The Visit by Joan Esley, including correspondence, typed draft with revisions, book dummy, original artwork, photographs, and a copy of the book.

Williamson, Hamilton: see Hader, Berta and Elmer.

Wilson, Charles Morrow, 1905-1977.
Papers, 1926-1974. (Ax 772)
5 boxes; 7.5 linear ft.
Wilson was born in Fayetteville, AR, and educated at the University of Arkansas. He was a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1924-1928, and the New York Times, 1930-1935. He was a"writer-in-residence"for several companies, notably United Fruit, in which situation he wrote a company history and acquired a reputation for expertise in Central American matters. He also wrote non-fiction, both adult and juvenile.
The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence. Major correspondents include publishers Auerbach; Doubleday and Co.; Florida University Press; Funk and Wagnalls; Harper & Row; Hastings House; Holt, Rinehart and Winston; P.J. Kenedy; Macmillan Co.; Macrae-Smith; David McKay; Oklahoma University Press; Stackpole; and Van Nostrand Reinhold. Editorial correspondence is with Harper's, Reader's Digest, and Vermont Life. Also includes manuscripts and related material for books and short stories, tearsheets, and published books.

Wilson, Edward Arthur, 1886-1970.
Papers, 1911-1970. (Ax 775)
2 boxes, 22 solander cases; 21 linear ft.
Wilson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and came to the United States with his parents in 1893. He was educated at the Art Institute of Chicago, studied under Howard Pyle, and began his art career as a free-lancer in New York in 1911. He is most widely known as the illustrator of a number of Limited Editions Club books in which his personal fondness for ships and the sea is evident. He was also an illustrator for magazines and for children's books, and he did a considerable amount of advertising art, posters, greeting cards, and bookplates.
The papers include original artwork and related material for book illustrations and other jobs, 1912-1962. There is correspondence, much of it with Doubleday and Company, George Macy Companies, and Frank Shay, 1925-1970. Also included are illustrations, primarily tearsheets and proofs, for magazines such as Colliers and Life; advertising illustrations which appeared in magazines, 1917-1946; commercial booklets; calendars; posters; greeting cards, some designed by Wilson; sketchbooks; and artwork by others.

Wilson, Hazel, 1898- Finding aid
Papers, 1969. (Ax 377)
Author of books for young adults. She lectured on radio and television, and was a librarian for the American Library in Paris, France, 1926-1928. The collection includes drafts, proofs, photographs, correspondence, and an unbound copy of the book The Years Between: Washington at Home at Mt. Vernon, 1783-89 (Knopf, 1969), plus an untitled printer's copy of a biography of Washington Irving.

Woolley, Catherine, 1904- Finding aid
Papers, 1930-1980. (Ax 642)
20 boxes; 10.5 linear ft.
Woolley was born in Chicago and educated at the University of California, Los Angeles. She began her writing career as an advertising copywriter, then as a free-lance writer of books for young people, some written under the name Jane Thayer. She is best known for her Ginnie and Geneva, Cathy, and Libby series of books.
The papers include manuscripts and related material for books and short stories, some tearsheets for short stories from Humpty Dumpty and American Junior Red Cross News, among others. Correspondence is mainly with publishers, particularly Harper & Brothers, William Morrow & Company, Inc., and Story-a Day, Inc.

Wyndham, Lee (pseudonym), 1912-1978. Finding aid
Papers, 1944-1978. (Ax 472)
15 boxes, 1 pkg.; 21 linear ft.
Author of books for children and young people, pseudonym for Jane Andrews Lee Hyndman. The collection consists of manuscripts of books and short stories, published works, a taped interview with John McCaffery, and miscellaneous material. Also includes correspondence with other authors, editors, students of writing, and publishers. Manuscripts and correspondence of Robert Wyndham are included.

Yaukey, Grace Sydenstricker, 1899- Finding aid
Papers, 1934-1968. (Ax 498)
3 boxes; 4.5 linear ft.
Author of books for young people. Includes manuscripts for books, short stories, and articles, some artwork and related materials, and correspondence with publishers.

Young, Janet Randall, 1919-: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Young, Robert William: see Blassingame, Lurton.

Zim, Herbert Spencer, 1909- Finding aid
Papers, 1934-1976. (Ax 558)
20 boxes; 30 linear ft.
Zim was born in New York City and educated at Columbia University. He is an author and editor of popular science books, series, and encyclopedias, and was editor-in-chief of the science series issued by Spencer Press, Chicago, and of the Golden Book Encyclopedia of Natural Science. Includes manuscripts, artwork, and related material for books; correspondence files for the Spencer Press (1952-1960), and Golden Press (1959-1967); and published works. Also includes book manuscripts by Sonia Bleeker Zim (1909-1971).

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