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BA 215: Language of Business Decision

Best Bets for Company Research

Researching on the Company Website

Remember to use the target company's website in your research!

  • Company websites are fantastic resources for information on organization structure, corporate culture, product lines, business models, and other information. 
  • If you have trouble getting past the product information, check the website headers and footers for links to subpages on hiring, company background, and other organizational topics.
Sub-page Searching Shortcuts

There are certain keywords and phrases you can use in internet searches to get to specific website sub-pages that are part of almost all public company websites (even if they're hard to find).

companyname investor relations > nike investor relations
The Investor Relations page will include links to 10-K reports, corporate governance reports, and other stockholder-oriented information

companyname hiring > Maersk hiring
Hiring pages are especially useful for the Internal Resources part of your project because they discuss corporate culture, employee benefits, organizational structure, and illustrate current hiring trends.

Public Company Research

Publicly-traded companies are relatively easy to research because they release financial and operational reports to the public on a regular basis, as required by the SEC.

Search by your company's name or its stock ticker symbol.

Private Company Resources

Private companies are often difficult to research because they are not legally required to release information about their finances or operations. These databases and websites specialize in providing private company financial and operational information. 

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General Company Information

Sec Filings


One of the best tools for locating company information on the open web is the SEC's official search tool, EDGAR.

A filing type of particular use to entrepreneurs is the S-1 form, which is a prospectus filed when companies seek an IPO. The information in these documents includes estimated company valuation, business model and market/industry data that can be used as a benchmark for startups.

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