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Global Studies

This is a selected list of resources for starting research in Global Studies. While the emphasis of this guide is on internationaldevelopment, the resources may be of use for many topics.

Finding Government & IGO Publications Using Google

Find Government & IGO Publications using Google

One way is to use Google Advanced Search

  • Enter your topic's keywords and then, in the Search by Site or Domain box, enter the domain extension for the country or IGO
    • Here is a list of country domain extensions.
    • If there is one, you can also use the government domain abbreviation to narrow your results to official government publications.
      • E.g., you can use: '' for France, or '' for Mexico.  You may need to some searching using just the country domain extension to find out what the government domain extension is. Searching on the keyword 'ministry' is a good way to find a government site.
    • Although some governments publish a lot of information in English, most documents will be in the language(s) of that country and thus must be searched for in that language.
  • Domain extensions for a few relevant inter-governmental organizations:
    • European Union =
    • NATO =
    • OECD =
    • United Nations =
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