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VIzLab Procedures

Orientation Guide

Orientation Guide 

Price Science Commons & Research Library (PSC) Visualization Lab (VizLab)


Introduction: Welcome to the visualization lab (VizLab), we are located on the lower level of the Price Science Commons & Research Library. The VizLab houses the largest visual display wall in the state of Oregon. The visualization display wall (VizWall) is comprised of 24 HD displays tiled and connected to create a 50-million pixel screen. Since the VizWall display output is unusual, we're working to build templates for common file types.  At this time, we only have a PowerPoint Template, which we are happy to share with you.

We have a suite of objects that serve as examples of ways you might use the space. Videoconferencing is possible, but not using every possible software.  We know Bluejeans works, and we've developed some workarounds to accomplish screen-sharing.  We're still building in this area.
Practicing in the space is important.  Even simple things like controlling the mouse on the large screen have a learning curve that is not best suited to during a presentation.VizLab! This start-up guide is intended to facilitate faculty, students, and staff with the use of the room and its associated equipment.


Reservations:  The space is available first to UO community members who want to use the room's high-resolution display and visualization capacity for instruction or research; for example, a class might visit the space to view large-scale high-detail images, or a research team might need to display code and output adjacent to each other at a high resolution, other uses will be considered on a case-by-case basis

  1. Check the calendar here before you put in your request. You may reserve the VizLab using the online calendar linked to the PSC web page.  
  2. Bookings must be made 3 days in advance. This is to ensure that the room will be ready for your use.   If you are a first-time user, a PSC staff member will contact you prior to your visit in order to find out if you require any special assistance and/or software. 
  3. Information about how to book and use the space can be found here
  4. To reserve the space or locate lab-specific resources, start here.


Entry:   Access to the VL is controlled with a keycard that can be checked out from the Information Desk. If you are an insturctor, student or researcher who needs regular access to the vizlab, please contant Your Duck ID will also need to be provisioned in order to use the wall.

Room lights are controlled by a small panel just inside the door.



The diagram below gives a birds-eye view of the VizLab..


Touchpad:  The wall and its settings are controlled with a touchpad located in the front of the room on the far left as you face the wall.  The crestron control panel will start up when you touch it.



Keyboard and mouse:   A wireless keyboard and mouse are provided.   Check to make sure they are switched on.

Logging in:   Once the systems boots, press the Esc key to bring up the user login.   Use your Duck ID to access the computer.


Display:  If you want to use the wall in full-screen mode, you are “good to go.”   An array of installed software is available by clicking the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen.


Logging out & shutting down:   Log off the computer in order to save your user settings.   You do not need to shut down the computer.   Put the touchpad back in the dock and press gently.   The panel will ask if you want to shut down.   Press Yes.


Please return your room access card to the Information Desk.   Thanks!

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