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VIzLab Procedures

Troubleshooting Procedures

Troubleshooting Procedures


  • Consolidate all troubleshooting/repair procedures into the manual 


Audio issues

▪ Already in the manual, but should be vetted

  • Crestron panel won't switch settings

▪ Some subset of room reboot to resync rgb and crestron

  • Full room reboot

▪ Differentiate between shutdown for power outage vs trying to fix components that aren't communicating

  • Video issues
    ▪ Video sync issuees with hdmi inputs ▪ Video sync issues with computer
    ▪ Quad cluster dropout from computer 


  • Troubleshooting process
    • Local troubleshooting

▪ Fix problem if possible

▪ Gather useful information to esclate to other group

  • Escalation process CMET vs systems – ticket vs phone calls

▪ How responsive do we need to be room uses in session

  • How do we get CMET trained to deal with AV issues – they don't know what's

going on so they can't support things

  • What does systems need to figure out
  • When do things get escalated to compview? 

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