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ARCH 485: Ecology, Identity and the Future of Work

Research guide for Erin Moore's Winter 2018 advanced architectural Design Studio

Alternative Spellings/Names

Using a place name as a subject word is often a good way to limit searches to just that area. (See instructions for finding Atlases)  This works well when searching for books using LibrarySearch or articles in a specific database.

However, place names can change over time and different authors may use different place names for political reasons. (For example, Myanmar was formerly Burma and is still called Burma by countries that do not recognize the government of Myanmar as legitimate.)  Additionally, place names in languages that do not use the roman alphabet may be spelled in more than one way when transliterated into roman characters.  It's useful to do some searching on variations of a place's name to make sure you are getting the information you want.


  • Bangalore/Bengaluru (officially changed names in 2014)

  • Shenzhen/Shenzen 

  • Beijing/Peking

Additionally, if you are not finding information on a city, you may want to search on the state/province/region name. For example Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state Karnataka. Searching on Karnataka may locate useful information about Bangalore and the surrounding area.

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