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Ancient Mediterranean Art and Archaeology

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Call Number Ranges

Library books are organized by subjects, which correspond to particular call numbers. Try browsing the stacks in Knight Library and the Design Library in these call number ranges:

  • DE1-100 History of the Greco-Roman World
  • DF10-289 History of Ancient Greece
  • DG11-365 Ancient Italy - Rome to 476
  • N5320-5899 Ancient art and artistic archaeology

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Interlibrary Loan: Getting items from non-UO libraries

Interlibrary Loan is a free service for University of Oregon students, faculty, and staff. It allows you to get a book, video, or CD from another library.

If UO doesn't have the item you want, Summit is the fastest way to get it from another library. When you do a LibrarySearch in the catalog and log in, you are given the option to "Place Summit request." If you click on that link all you need to do is pick a delivery location, and then, when the book arrives, you will get an email to pick it up at the library. So easy!

TIP! You have to be logged in to see the "Place Summit request" link.

If a book, video, or cd is not available through Summit or UO, use ILLiad to request it. This is a free service to get items from another library, but it takes longer (2-3 weeks).

Go to ILLiad. Login with your username and UO ID, select the material you want under "Place request for," fill out the form, and submit. When it's ready you will get an email saying your item can be picked up.

TIP! Make sure to start early when you are doing research! It can take up to 3 weeks to get items from other libraries. 

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