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WR 123: Written Reasoning in the Context of Research

Resources for all sections of Writing 123 College Composition III courses at the University of Oregon

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LibrarySearch offers a streamlined interface for finding books and other media that combines the collections of UO Libraries and Summit libraries.

Database Resources for Background & Topic Development

Search for your topic in these databases to learn about the conversation or debates surrounding the topic and to learn about multiple perspectives and sources for more information.

News Sources

General Science Sources

Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Sources

General Sciences
Social Sciences
Specific Science Disciplines

Below are a few of our database subscriptions. Check the research guides or the databases A-Z list by subject for others.

Staying Current in Your Field - Science (Infographic)

Scientists and science professionals have to stay up-to-date with the literature that gets published in their field. Sharing information through publishing is central to a scientist's work.

"[T]he credit for a scientific discovery is awarded not to the scientist who discovers a phenomenon but to the scientist who publishes its discovery first" (Writing in the Sciences: Exploring Conventions of Scientific DiscoursePenrose and Katz, 10).

This suggests that you should use all the tools available to stay on top of new information. Below are some of the main ways scientists stay current.

Infographic on How Scientists Stay Current

Long description of "How Scientists Stay Current" infographic for web accessibility

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