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Scholarly Metrics

Tools for determining the scholarly impact of researhers, journals, and research articles.

Researcher / P.I. Metrics

ORCID ID – A unique identifier for tracking a particular researcher and that researcher publication output

                 How to use ORCID Guide


Citation Reports – Part of the Web-of-Science /Web-of-Knowledge suite of databases by Thomson-Reuters.  This tool will allow users to track the publications by a researcher and will provide the years, citations received (by year and by article).  The Citation Index also graphs these data on the fly.

H-Index – (Based on Web-of-Science Data) and index of that combines both the number of citations a research has received and the number of publications that the researcher has published.

Publish or Perish is an open access metrics tool. It's especially designed to allow individual researchers present their impact.


Altmetrics Tools – By  Suite of tools (ReaderMeter, ScienceCard, ImpactStory, PLoS Explorer, PaperCritic & CrowdMeter)

TweetCred – A free plug-in tool on Chrome that uses a connection algorithm to determine the credibility of tweets from reliable sources

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