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J320 : Gender, Media and Diversity

Finding articles

These sources will help you find scholarly articles.  Use the database that covers the topic from the perspective you are using. A general database (one that covers scholarly journals in many disciplines) is Academic Search Premier.   But sometimes you want to dive deeper or concentrate on the journals from a particular

For example:

  • Social Media - from the scholarly communication journals (use Communication and Mass Media Complete)
  • Social Media - Psychological effects  (use APA PsycNet)
  • Social Media - how it influences society (use Sociological Abstracts)
  • Social Media - in advertising  (use Business Source Premier)

HINT:  Some of these databases cover more that peer-reviewed, scholarly journals (magazines, newspapers, trade journals, etc.)  For assignments that call for scholarly journals - check to see if the database has a feature that will let you limit your results to scholarly journals.