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Census 2020

Information for students on the US 2020 Census

What is the Census?

The government of the United States performs a census, or count, of the United States population every ten years.  This is mandated by the Constitution for redistricting purposes to determine the number of Representatives each state should have.  For this reason, your Census response is also mandatory.

The United States Census Bureau describes benefits to the community, which include supporting the local government, businesses, city planners, and community initiatives.


Where can I find Census data?

In previous years, the United States Census Bureau has disseminated information through American FactFinder.  The Census Bureau stopped adding new data to American FactFinder in July 2019, and FactFinder will no longer be available after March 31.  The current and most comprehensive way to access Census data is through

If you are curious about how to use, or how to navigate the search feature, begin with How do I get started with my search? on the web page.  


The United States Census Bureau QuickFacts offers another way to access Census data.  Use the search bar to enter state, county, city, town, or zip code to find data on a locality.  Data may include population estimates, age and sex, race and Hispanic origin, population characteristics, housing, internet and computer use, education, health, economy, business, and other demographical elements.

Connect to the UO Network from Off Campus

1. Library Proxy Service

Links on library webpages (including  in LibrarySearch, Browzine, and Databases A-Z) run through a proxy server which verifies you are a UO member, and are eligible to access library materials. When you click on a proxied link for the first time in the session, you are prompted to enter your DuckID and password to access the resource.

2. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

For certain library resources, using the UO's VPN service will be necessary.  VPN is not necessary for Canvas or LibrarySearch access.

If the proxied links or bookmarklet aren't working for you, the VPN lets you join the UO's network from off-campus. Using the VPN slows your internet speed, so only connect when you need to access resources, and disconnect once you're done.

For more information on accessing Library resources from off-campus, please check the following links:

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