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HIST 407/507: U.S. Business in Asia

This guide will aid students with their research projects for Professor Arafaat Valiani's course HIST 407 "Business in Asia"


Nanjing Road, Shanghai, 2005, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

This research guide will point you to resources that will help you with your research projects for HIST 407 "Business in Asia." The catalogs and databases linked here will be especially useful, though the other discipline and regional research guides linked on this page can provide further, more specialized guidance.

Secondary Sources

These databases will help you to encounter published research in a variety of disciplines including history, business, and the social sciences.

Primary Sources: Periodicals and Books

These library catalogs and electronic databases will help you to find published primary source materials for your research.

Primary Sources: Data Sets and Statistics

These databases will provide you access to economic, social, demographic, and other data that will be invaluable primary source materials for your research.

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