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Reading your search results

When you do a search a page will display that shows the results that most closely match your search. On this page you can learn how many related results there are, brief information about the materials that match your search, and navigation to move to additional results.

For each item, the following information displays:

  • Material Type—the format of the item, such as book, article, journal, and so forth.
  • Title—what the item is called. If you click on the title you are sent to the full record for the item.
  • Author, creator, and date—the item’s author, creator, and publication date.
  • Star icon—click it add or remove the item from your "My Lists." A highlighted star indicates that you have already added it to your list.
  • Location—in which library the item is located, whether or not is is available, or if it is online. To learn more about locations, see the "More About Locations" box lower on this page.
  • Tabs to help you access the material. Tabs are explained in the "Using the Tabs" box below.

In the image above you see the number of results circled in pink, material type circled in green, title marked with red, author information marked with purple, the My Lists star icon circled in yellow, location is marked with blue, and the navigation is circled in orange.

Using the Tabs

Below each result are tabs that can help get access to the resource.

Access Online Tab
The Access Online tab displays the options for getting access to the item online. It is only visible for items whose location is "Online access" or "Full Text Available." In the image below you can see that the journal Art Education is available online from 5 different sources. Choose whichever online source covers the date you are most interested in by clicking on the name of the electronic resource.

Screenshot of catalog record with "Access Online" tab circled in red. Shows options for accessing online.

Find in Library Tab
The Find in Library tab tells you were to find a physical item (such as a book, DVD, or CD). It also gives you information about how long the item can be checked out for and where it is located. In the record below you can see that the book's location is the Architecture & Allied Arts Library. Under availability it shows that UO has 1 copy, that it is available, and that no one has requested it. Under policy it tells you how long you can have the item, and status shows that the book should be in its normal place on the shelf.

Details Tab
The Details tab displays the item’s full record, related subject links, and a brief description of the item or its table of contents.

Screenshot of LibrarySearch results with "Details" tab highlighted.

More About Locations

These are the possible location and availability results in your search results:

Available at ... - "Available at" is followed by the name of one of the libraries in the UO Library system. This means that the item is currently available at that location, and applies to physical formats such as print journals, print books, and DVDs. Click on the "Find in Library" tab to get more information about where the item is. You can go pick up the item (library locations and hours). If it is at a location that is inconvenient for you, you can select "Request UO Item" to have it delivered to a library near you. You must be logged in to see the "Request UO Item" option.

​Checked out from ... - "Checked out from" is followed by the name of the one of the libraries in the UO Library system. This means that the item is currently checked out by someone else at UO. If you need the item quickly, click the "Find in Library" tab and select "Place Summit request (about 5 days)." The UO Library will email you when the item has arrived. For more information on placing a Summit Request. See the tutorial here:

Access Online - Is listed for electronic journals and eBooks that the UO Libraries provide access to online. To get access, click the "Access online" tab and select what you would like to do. You may need to be logged in to gain access to the content.

Full Text Available - Applies to electronic articles that the UO Libraries provides access to online. Click the "Access online" tab to gain access to the full text of the article. You may need to be logged in to gain access to the content


Check Holdings - This means you should click on the "Find in Library" tab or the title of the record. Sometimes it means that the item is checked out. Other times it means it is only available at another library and you will have to request it through Summit. See the tutorial here for requesting items from Summit:

Screenshot of LibrarySearch results showing "Check Holdings" highlighted.