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FIG: Social Progress Social Change

This is the research guide for the Social Progress Social Change FIG.

Background Information

Encyclopedias and the articles in Annual Reviews are excellent starting points to learn about a topic or theory and to find lists of articles and books on your topics. Even if you think you know a lot about your topic, there are likely some useful sources listed in these items to help your research progress.


Specific Encyclopedias for Social Progress Social Change

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Dictionaries can help you quickly learn some background information about your topic, or even help you learn about your options of what topics there are to research.

More Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Here is a brief selection of the many reference sources available in the library.

We have access to many additional encyclopedias both online and in print, so be sure to also search the library catalog for additional resources. The above are just a few options with very broad coverage by topic - but we also have more focused options such as encyclopedias of specific groups of people in the United States and beyond, the literature of specific groups of people, of lgbtqqia topics, and more.

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