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​Requesting Library Materials

This guide will help you learn to request library materials from the UO Libraries and beyond.

What is document delivery?

If you want an electronic copy of an article or book chapter that the University of Oregon Libraries has in physical format, you can place a Document Delivery request. Document Delivery is a scanning service offered to UO students, faculty, and staff.

This service is free for current UO students and personnel. There are fee options available for Alumni Association members and UO Associates. Availability of content is restricted by copyright. You can read more on the UO Libraries Document Delivery webpage.

Log into Interlibrary Loan

Visit the UO Libraries Illiad Logon webpage to log in to your InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) account. You will need your UO ID (95#) number and your user name (Duck ID). The image below shows the log in page.

Screenshot of the log in page for Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan.

Select Your Document Type

Once logged in, use the navigation on the right-hand side of the page to select if your item is an article or a book chapter, outlined in red in the image below.

Screenshot of the main page of Document Delivery and InterLibrary Loan that shows the navigation on the right side has options for "article" and "book chapter."

Fill out the form

In the ILL form, any field marked with an asterisk (*) is required. Any additional information you can provide is helpful and can ensure that you get the correct version of the article or chapter you want.

For a Book Chapter:
Title, page numbers, and "not wanted after" date are required. However, putting in the book author, publication year, and chapter title/author is helpful if you know that information.

For an Article:
Journal title, article title, year, page numbers, and "not wanted after" date are required. Adding any additional information you know from the citation, such as volume number or month, can be helpful.

Submit Request

Once you have filled out the required information in the form, click the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the page. As seen in the image below, the "Submit Request" button is the first button on the left.

Screenshot of "Submit Request" button for Interlibrary Loan.

Get your scanned item

Once your chapter or article has been scanned you will get an email telling you it is available. To get the scan, log into InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) and select "Electronically Received Articles" from the "View" menu (see image below).

Screenshot of "View" menu with "Electronically Received Articles" highlighted.

Once you click "Electronically Received Articles" you are brought to your list of available articles. To read your article, click "View," located between the transaction number and the document title (see image). This will result in a PDF version of your article or chapter.

Screenshot showing to select "View" from the list of articles in order to get a PDF of your article or chapter.

Download your articles and chapters to your own computer, flash drive, email, or cloud storage as soon as possible. All articles expire from the ILLiad system after 30 days. Once it is on your own storage device, you can keep it forever. If you do not download it, and your article expires, you will have to place a new Document Delivery request.