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​Language Tools

This guide highlights a variety of tools to help with language studies.

Library Resources

This page lists library resources available for various languages taught at the University of Oregon. There are materials available both physically in the library and online. Titles with links are available as an e-resource through the library's website.




The library's collection features a number of textbooks, often used in high school or college-level language courses. You can use the library's search catalog to find a textbook for the language you're interested in. The best way to do this is using Subject Headings to search through the catalog. Follow these steps:

1.) Set your search to 'Subject'.

2.) Use the keywords "[insert language] language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers -- English", making sure to enter in the language you are looking for at the beginning.

3.) Set your search location to 'UO Librarires'

Library Search Example

Film and Video

UO Libraries holds a number of foreign language films in its collections. It also offers access through several streaming databases. Check out the Finding Videos & Films guide to help you locate specific films:

UO LibrarySearch - Find articles, books, and more

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