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"Explore this resource site—a collection of all EDUCAUSE resources related to open educational resources (OER) in higher education."

OER Resource List (from Temple University: )

BC Campus Open Ed

Links to nearly 100 subject-organized open textbooks

College Open Textbooks Community

Approximately 100 peer-reviewed open textbooks collected by both non-profit and for-profit corporations. Includes a range of formats and copyright licenses, although all are free for use.

Community College Consortium for OER

This consortium of over 250 community colleges points to resources that can help faculty get started using open educational resources.



A free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with assignments and comments to enhance the teaching experience of an exercise

OER Commons

Similar to MERLOT it offers all types of learning materials but it is not exclusive to higher education.  This catalog contains hundreds of college-level open textbooks from higher education institutions around the world.

Open Textbook Library

A catalog of open access textbooks to be reviewed by faculty members, made available by the University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development. All textbooks in this catalog are openly licenses, complete, and available in print at very little cost.

Open Educational Resources in Higher Education

This resource list appears in a journal and hasn't been updated since 2012 but it is a good basic list of resources that are core to OER

OpenStax College Textbooks Provides access to dozens of textbooks with an emphasis on large enrollment courses.

Open SUNY Textbooks

Offers a limited number of textbooks but a good example of a university run open textbook project.

Open Textbooks Toolkit

The BCcampus Open Textbook Toolkit is your starting point on how to change education with just one textbook. It provides a list of our open textbooks, information and guidelines for adopting and assigning an open textbook

Orange Grove

Florida's digital repository, it provides access to hundreds of open resources for higher education, organized by subject area.

University of Massachusetts Amherst - OER Guide

This guide will lead to many additional sources of information and other textbook programs

OER World Map

OER World Map shares information on behalf of the worldwide OER community, using local knowledge to describe the OER ecosystem. Built with cutting edge linked open data technology, OER World Map visualizes the world of OER and supports a range of widgets and tools through powerful statistical analysis.

Project CORA: Community of Online Research Assignments

Particularly good for assignments that cover information literacy topics such as evaluation, ethics, etc.

NCBI Bookshelf

Provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare