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WR 123: Gage

This guide is created in support of the WR 123 class with a focus on legal resources including Westlaw Campus Research, Nolo Law Dictionary, the United States Supreme Court site, and Google Scholar.

Supreme Court Search

Supreme Court Home Page

Searching With No Operators

Search Using the AND Boolean Operator

Search with OR Boolean Operator

Search with NOT Boolean Operator

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Using Boolean Operators to Improve Your Search

What are Boolean Operators?

  • The basic boolean operators are AND, OR, and NOT
  • The help in connecting multiple search terms to focus your search

Using AND

  • Narrows search
  • Every term connected with AND must be present in document to be returned

Using OR

  • Expands your search
  • If either term is present the document will be returned
  • Can be used to search synonyms

Using NOT

  • Excludes terms from your search
  • Useful for removing commonly associated word combinations e.g. UFOs NOT Aliens