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​Special Collections in the Architecture & Allied Arts Library

This guide identifies the rare books, artists books, archival slides, art, drawings, and other special materials held by the Architecture & Allied Arts Library.

AAA Rare Student

Student using rare book

Examining Frank Lloyd Wright's Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe.

Owen Jones. Plans, designs ... Alhambra (Rare book)

George Warden. Observatory (Architectural drawing)

Carl Heilborn. Midway (Art work)

Tea Ceremony Foldout Plan
(Chaseki okoshiezu mokuroku)

Tea Ceremony Foldout Plan
(Chaseki okoshiezu mokuroku)

Julie Chen. Ode to a Grand Staircase. (Artist book)

Roma sacra e moderna (1725) (Rare Book)

Ahavai Synagogue Portland (archival slide)

My Flag, by Babette Katz (artist book)

Plan de Paris / Turgot (1739) (Rare book)

Julie Chen, artist (Artist book)

Constance Fowler. In Old Salem. (Rare book)

Piranesi. Antichità d'Albano e di Castel Gandolfo (Rare book)

Narkopolis (Rare book)

Historia de Cuba (Rare books)

Prianesi. Castello de Acqua Giulia

This guide is an introduction to the unique resources available to the UO community that can be found in the Architecture and Allied Arts Library. Many books, drawings, and works of art were gifted in the early years of the school by the professors, architects, artists, and visiting lecturers who were interested in building a major resource for research and instruction.  Throughout the years, librarians have diligently collected and preserved various artifacts connected with the school's history.  In 1991, a major bequest from Marion Dean Ross, former chair of the Art History department, established an endowment which has been dedicated to acquiring rare architectural books. In 2014, the availability of added space for the A&AA Library in enabled more space for these valuable resources and greater ability to access and use them for instruction and research.

Visit the A&AA Library

The A&AA Library is located in 200 Lawrence Hall at the University of Oregon. In the library you can:

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For assistance using the A&AA Library special collections, consult the librarians Ed Teague or Sara DeWaay.