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AAD 252: Art and Gender

Research guide for AAD 252: Art and Gender.

Why Encyclopedias?

If you do not understand some aspect of your search topic, encyclopedias can help you quickly get more information. Encyclopedias are fact-based resources that are good for getting background information on a person or topic such as dates, locations, They can also be really helpful for finding keywords to use as search terms.

Be careful with your use of encyclopedias, many professors will not let you use them to meet your required number of articles. They should be limited to finding basic information. Even if they do not count towards your total number of sources, if you use information from an encyclopedia it needs to be cited in your bibliography.


The two reference resources listed below are broad in scope. You can use them to search for people, art movements, concepts, and time periods. If you get stuck, remember to contact your librarian:

Why not Wikipedia?

Wikipedia can be a really great resource for finding information quickly. However, there are a couple of things that make it unreliable:

  • Written by anyone and everyone. In other words, the authors are not experts.
  • No reliable editing or fact-checking process.
  • Entries can change at any time.

Here a couple of things Wikipedia is good for:

  • Finding keywords to search in a reliable source (library encyclopedia or article database)
  • The references cited section - look these up they might be something you can use as a source.

Most professors will not let you use Wikipedia as a source for your research. If you use it, take the concepts and keywords you find in Wikipedia and search them in a reliable source like those found in this research guide.

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