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AAD 252: Art and Gender

Research guide for AAD 252: Art and Gender.

Contemporary Art Research

There are unique challenges to doing research on contemporary art. You might not be able to find scholarly resources related to current artists. You might not be able to find any resources related to local, relatively unknown artists. This page has some information for techniques to try.

If you get stuck, remember to contact your librarian!


Newspapers are not considered scholarly sources because they are not peer reviewed (read and approved by other experts in the field). However, sometimes the only information you can get on a contemporary artist, artwork, or building is through the news.

If you are looking for local, lesser-known artists, they might not be in the New York Times. In this instance try the local papers.

Search for concepts

Sometimes nothing has been formally published on your artist or artwork. In this case, think about the concepts covered in their work (often you can find information on their content and inspiration in their artist statement on their website). Use those concepts to find related scholarly articles in the databases on the "Finding Articles" page.

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